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System Requirements for JT Reader for Okino

Minimal and optimal system requirement and technical specifications to get the best out of your JT Reader for Okino.
Product Details
Product Name
JT Reader for Okino
Manufacturer Part #
JT Importer
Product Type
Single License
Shipping Method
Digital delivery
System Requirements
Intel Pentium IV+
Disk space
20 MB
Memory (RAM)
512 MB
Operating System(s)
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP SP2
Windows VISTA
Windows 7
Output (Exported) File Formats
Okino PolyTrans/NuGraf files
Input (Imported) File Formats
Siemens Open JT

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of JT Reader for Okino requires :
NuGrafNuGraf: Advanced 3D rendering, model viewing and data translation495449Add to Cart
PolyTransPolyTrans: A powerful 3D scene, animation and NURBS translation tool395359Add to Cart

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