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Powerful 3D scene and animation translation for CAD

PolyTrans for CADPolyTrans for CAD is a heavily developed, supported and maintained version of PolyTrans that includes all the tools you need to handle CAD files from the most diverse sources. Import filters include SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, IGES, Maya, SoftImage, and more.
In the tradition of all Okino 3D data translators, resulting translated files are 'Render Ready' meaning that they can be loaded and rendered in the destination program (Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max, Lightwave, etc.) with little or no changes necessary.
The translation process accommodates polygonal meshes, hierarchy, skeletons and smooth bind mesh skinning, vertex normals/colors/texture-coordinates, material and texture mapping parameters, lights, cameras, object/camera/light animation conversion (file format specific) and automatic 2D bitmap conversion (when necessary).

Features and benefits

  • Reliable and accurate translation for large number of 3D formats.
  • Powerful and flexible 3D visualization.
  • Complete editing functions for rendering attributes.
  • Animation preview.
  • Optimized memory usage with large files.
  • Batch translation.

This Bundle Includes

PolyTransPolyTrans: A powerful 3D scene, animation and NURBS translation tool395359Add to Cart
Triple Pack for OkinoComplete set of Okino add-ons to import CAD and DCC formats695689Add to Cart

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