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Complete set of Okino add-ons for DCC formats

DCC Pack for OkinoDo you need interoperability between high-end DCC (Digital Content Creation) applications? Then you need the DCC Pack for Okino from Okino. With this additional set of add-on modules you can smoothly import and export data from Maya and Softimage.
The DCC Pack for Okino provides you with a plug-in for Maya that enables it to read and write all the formats supported by PolyTrans. It also provides you with a plug-in for Softimage to read and write all the formats supported by PolyTrans. This adds the simplicity of working from within your favorite application to the power of PolyTrans import/export capabilities.
DCC/Pack Add-On Module comes with: Autodesk FBX importer, OpenFlight import/export, PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in system, PolyTrans-for-Softimage native plug-in system, Softimage (.dotXSI) import/export.

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