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Complete set of Okino add-ons to import midrange CAD formats
CAD Pack for OkinoIf you need to add more CAD import formats to the already long list of 3D formats supported by NuGraf and PolyTrans you need the CAD Pack for Okino. The CAD Pack for Okino adds the ability to import CAD formats like IGES or SolidWorks into NuGraf and PolyTrans.
If you need to create high quality photorealistic rendering from CAD models NuGraf and CAD Pack for Okino provide you with a very powerful combination. If you need to reliably and accurately convert files from CAD to Digital Content Creation ( DCC) applications PolyTrans and CAD Pack for Okino are perfect for you.
CAD Pack for Okino comes with: Autodesk Inventor importer, DWG importer, IGES 5.3 import and export (surface-based IGES - 144/142/128), Solid Edge import, and SolidWorks import.

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