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3ds Max 2014 Training
DVD Edition with Joel Bradley
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O`ReillyO`Reilly3ds Max 2014 Training - DVD Edition with Joel Bradley3ds Max 2014 Training - DVD Edition with Joel BradleyConcise, informative and broadcast-quality training01805-DVD89.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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3ds Max 2014 Training
DVD Edition with Joel Bradley

3ds Max 2014 Training -- DVD Edition with Joel Bradley

Concise, informative and broadcast-quality training

In this 3ds Max 2014 Training DVD Edition with Joel Bradley training course, expert Joel Bradley introduces you to the fundamentals of using this 3d software from Autodesk. 3DS Max is used for modeling and animation, and contains a plethora of tools to allow you to create models for games or movies and even to create movie effects and movie pre-visualization. This tutorial is designed for beginners, and covers fundamental features that have been around for a while, and new features to the 2014 version of 3DS Max.
Some of the topics that Joel covers include; file and project management in 3ds Max, essential viewport navigation and visual feedback controls, an introduction to the enhanced menu system option, state sets - as a render layer manager and live link to After Effects, and scene management in 3ds Max using Containers, Xref objects, the Layer manager, Groups, and more. This video tutorial also covers the new features in the Mental Ray engine, how to use String options, enabling hidden features, UVW Mapping, mParticles, mCloth, Hair and Fur, and much much more!
Once you have completed the training video for Autodesk 3ds Max 2014, you will have a comprehensive understanding of this 3ds software and how to use the tools to create your own incredible models and animations. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
  • What You Will Learn
  • A Word About Gamma Handling
  • The Working Files And Setting Up Our Max Project
2. Working With 3Ds Max
  • The File Management System
  • Working With Units
  • Viewport Navigation
  • Viewport Configuration
  • Nitrous Viewport Quality
  • The Quad Menu System
  • The All Important Command Panel
  • Working With The Ribbon
  • Managing Workspaces And The Enhanced Menus
  • Search All Actions
  • Send To Maya, Mudbox, Softimage, MotionBuilder
  • Auto Backup
  • Isolate Workflow
  • 3DS Max Gamma Workflow
3. Working In 3D Space
  • Getting The Best From The Transform Gizmo
  • The Reference Coordinate System
  • The Home Grids
  • Pivot Point Manipulation
  • Snaps And How To Use Them
4. Organizing Scene Assets
  • Layer Management
  • State Sets Workflow
  • The Power Of Groups And Object Naming Tools
  • Selection Sets
  • Using Containers
  • XRef Scenes
  • XRef Objects
  • Outputting Files Using State Sets
  • After Effects Composite Link
5. Working With 3DS Max Primitives
  • Workflow For Primitives
  • Extended Primitive Types
  • Space Warps
6. Modelling Tools
  • The Basics Of Splines
  • Patches
  • Polygon Modelling - Sub-Object Tools
  • Box Modelling Technique
  • Poly By Poly Technique
  • Sub-D Technique
7. The Power Of 3ds Max Modifiers
  • What Is A Modifier And How The Stack Works
  • Useful Modelling Modifiers
  • Useful Animation Modifiers
  • Useful Selection Modifiers
  • Parametric Modelling With Modifiers
8. Rendering Options
  • Common Render Output Controls
  • Quicksilver
  • Mental Ray Unified Sampling
  • Mental Ray Image Based Lighting
  • Working With Final Gather
  • Sky Portals And Final Gather
  • Photon Mapping And Final Gather
  • Light Simulation With iray
  • Creating Caustics
  • Using String Options
9. UVW Mapping Tools
  • The UVW Mapping Modifier
  • The Unwrap UVW Modifier Options
  • Exploring The Unwrap UVW Editor
  • Unwrap Using Pelt Mapping
10. Working With Materials And Maps
  • The Material Editor Modes
  • Standard Material Types
  • Mental Ray Material Types
  • Working With Maps
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Using Utility Maps
  • Using The Render To Map Feature
  • The Render Surface Map Dialogue
11. The 3DS Max Camera
  • Free And Target Camera Types
  • Working With The Camera Settings
  • Depth Of Field Options
  • Motion Blur Types
  • The New Perspective Match And 2D Pan And Zoom Tools
12. Lighting Tools
  • The Spotlight
  • Photometric Light Type
  • Working With The Daylight System
  • Exposure Controls
13. Particle Tools
  • Non-Event Driven Particle Systems
  • Particle Flow Operators
  • Deflectors
  • Forces
  • New Particle Flow Operators
14. Simulation Tools
  • Populate
  • Working With Cloth
  • Applying Hair And Fur
  • MassFX Workflow
  • Working With Rigid Bodies
  • mCloth Controls
  • How mParticles Work
  • mParticle Operators

About The Author

Joel Bradley is a self-taught 3D generalist who has been using 3D and graphic design applications has been working for his entire professional life, cutting his teeth on programs such as truespace and bryce 3d before moving onto 3ds Max. He has used his acquired skills to work in a number of industry areas including, producing content for the web, print, visualization and multimedia to name a few.
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