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Audition CS6 Training
DVD Edition with Jeff Sengstack
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Audition CS6 Training
DVD Edition with Jeff Sengstack

Audition CS6 Training -- DVD Edition with Jeff Sengstack

Relevant skills for real-world applications

In Audition CS6 Training DVD Edition with Jeff Sengstack training course Jeff Sengstack takes you through the use of this audio editing software from Adobe. Jeff is an experienced author, Adobe Certified Instructor, and has years of experience with Adobe products, and specifically with Audition.
This video training course is designed for beginners, and no previous CS6 Audition for Mac experience is required.
Jeff starts with the basics of Audition CS6, covering audio fundamentals such as what sound is, and how Audition handles digital audio. He then moves to the Audition workflow; importing your audio, editing it, creating multi-track sessions, and exporting the final product. Each of the workflow steps are covered step by step, with every new training video adding to what came before it. Jeff also covers Audition CS6 effects such as reverb, and echo. Finally, you will learn how to identify, and remove unwanted noise from your audio clips.
By the conclusion of this video tutorial on Adobe Audition CS6, you will be familiar with all the various tools at your disposal as well as techniques you can use to clean, edit and export your audio files. Working files are included to allow you to learn with the same files that the author uses in his training.

Table of Contents

1. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Introduction
  • Welcome
  • An Overview Of Adobe Audition CS6
  • Setting Up The Exercise Files
  • Setting General Preferences
  • Adjusting Audio Preferences
  • Setting Other Preferences And Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Returning Preferences To Their Default Settings
2. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Explaining Audio Fundamentals
  • Hearing And Viewing Simple Sound Waves
  • Hearing And Viewing Complex Sound Waves
  • How Sound Waves Interact
  • Understanding Digital Audio Concepts
3. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Understanding The Audition Workflow And Workspace
  • Explaining The Workflow
  • Navigating The Workspace
  • Customizing Workspaces
4. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Importing And Recording Audio
  • Importing And Opening Files
  • Inserting And Appending Files
  • Extracting Audio From CDs
  • Using The Media Browser
  • Viewing Clip Properties
  • Setting Up Recording Hardware
  • Recording In The Waveform View
  • Recording In A Multitrack Session
5. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Editing Audio Clips
  • Playing And Monitoring Audio
  • Viewing Audio Waveforms And Spectral Displays
  • Selecting Audio Time Ranges In The Waveform View
  • Using The Snapping Feature When Selecting Time Ranges
  • Cropping Clips And Deleting Segments
  • Copying, Cutting And Pasting Audio
  • Adjusting Amplitude (aka Volume)
  • Reversing Audio And Creating Silence
  • Working With Audio In Video Files
6. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Understanding Audition Audio Effects
  • Previewing Audition Effects
  • Applying Effects To Individual Files
  • Applying Effects In A Multitrack Session
7. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Using Selected Audition Audio Effects
  • Amplitude And Compression: Compressor Effects
  • Amplitude And Compression: Miscellaneous Effects
  • Amplitude And Compression: Envelope Effects
  • Delay And Echo Effects
  • Filter And EQ Effects
  • Modulation Effects
  • Noise Reduction/Restoration: Rack Effects
  • Noise Reduction/Restoration: Process Effects
  • Reverb Effects
  • Special Effects
  • Stereo Imagery Effects
  • VST And Other Third-Party Effects
8. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Using Analytical And Diagnostic Tools
  • Analyzing Phase, Frequency, And Amplitude
  • Deleting Or Marking Silence
  • Testing The DeClicker Effect
  • Using DeClipper To Repair Overly Loud Audio
9. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Changing Pitch And Stretching Time
  • Visually Examining Pitch
  • Using Automatic Pitch Correction
  • Changing Pitch With The Manual Pitch Correction Effect
  • Using The Stretch And Pitch Effect
  • Changing Pitch And Time In A Multitrack Session
10. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Manually Identifying, Reducing Or Removing Unwanted Noise
  • Visually Identifying Noises
  • Dealing With Constant, Background Noise
  • Cleaning Up Individual Noises
  • Using Specialized Techniques To Fix Noise Issues
11. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Using And Creating Favorites And Effect Rack Presets
  • Examining Effect Favorites
  • Creating A Custom Favorite
  • Saving Effects Rack Presets
12. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Building And Mixing Multitrack Sessions
  • Understanding Multitrack Concepts
  • Setting Up A Multitrack Sessions
  • Customizing A Multitrack Session And Creating A Template
  • Using Basic Track Controls (Zoom, Mute, Solo)
  • Working With Video In A Multitrack Session
  • Routing Outputs
  • Routing Sends
  • Adding, Deleting, Copying, And Pasting Clips
  • Trimming, Splitting, And Nudging Clips
  • Changing Clip Properties
  • Adjusting And Automating Track And Clip Panning
  • Adjusting And Automating Track And Clip Volume
  • Fading, Crossfading, And Matching Volume
  • Using Write, Latch, And Touch Volume Controls
13. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Saving And Exporting Files And Multitrack Sessions
  • Understanding Audio File Formats
  • Saving Files And Multitrack Sessions
  • Mixing Down Multitrack Sessions To Files
  • Extracting Audio Channels And Exporting Multiple Files
  • Exporting To CD
14. Learning Adobe Audition CS6 - Checking Out Some Extra Features
  • Tapping Into Adobe's Free Music, Loops, And Sound Effects
  • Using Loops In Audition
  • Checking Out The Side-Chain Feature
  • Using Audition With Other Adobe Applications
  • Additional Resources and Good Bye
  • Author Jeff Sengstack's Background

About The Author

Jeff Sengsteck is an Adobe Certified Expert, having authored more than 300 articles and nine books covering various areas of digital media production with Adobe products and other programs. After a career in television news, where he learned the process of video production from hands on daily experience, Sengstack has turned his attention to training and education, working as a consultant, author, and a professor at Santa Rosa Junior College where he teaches video production.
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