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Mudbox 2012 Training
Digital Edition with Brian Mennenoh
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O`ReillyO`ReillyMudbox 2012 Training - Digital Edition with Brian MennenohMudbox 2012 Training - Digital Edition with Brian MennenohTake your skills to the next level.01677-Digital69.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Mudbox 2012 Training
Digital Edition with Brian Mennenoh

Mudbox 2012 Training -- Digital Edition with Brian Mennenoh

Take your skills to the next level.

In Mudbox 2012 Training Digital Edition with Brian Mennenoh, expert author and animator Brian Mennenoh introduces you to the many features of Autodesk Mudbox 2012. Digital Download version also available.
Brian has over 20 years experience working with 3D, and his engaging teaching style draws you in and allows you to enjoy the sometimes complex intricacies of such a powerful software program.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced users; ideal for visual learners.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps.
  • Learn Autodesk Mudbox 2012 from a professional trainer from your own desk at your own pace.

Mudbox 2012 Training uses broadcast quality audio and video to deliver concise and informative training right to your desktop. Mudbox 2012 Training consists of practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of training.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Project Overview
  • Welcome
  • Using the Project Files
Intro to Mudbox
  • Welcome
  • Using the Project Files
  • Interface
  • Mouse Nav
  • Tablet Pen Nav
  • Mudbox Meshes
  • Sculpting Basics
  • Sculpt Layers
  • Painting Basics
  • More Paint Tools
Using Mudbox to Sculpt the Model
  • Sending to Mudbox
  • Blocking Upper Body Masses
  • Blocking Arms
  • Abs and Lower Back
  • Blocking Thigh
  • Calf and Shin Blocking
  • Feet Blocking
  • Adjusting the Face
  • Refining the Chest and Deltoid
  • Refining the Back
  • Refining Upper Arm
  • Refining Forearm
  • Refining the Palm
  • Refining the Thumb
  • Refining the Back of Hand
  • Refining the Thigh
  • Refining the Hamstrings
  • Refining the Calf and Shin
  • Refining the Gauntlets with Curves and Steady Stroke
Using Mudbox to Paint the Model
  • Painting the Base Color
  • Adding New Paint Layers
  • Adding Color Variation
  • More Color Variation
  • Painting the Gauntlets
  • Adding Specular Highlights
  • Adding Gloss and Reflection Masks
  • Fine Tuning Materials
Mudbox for the Accessories
  • Importing New Objects
  • Sculpting and Painting the Loin Cloth
  • Fitting the Boot
  • Sculpting the Boot
  • Painting the Boot
  • Painting the Buckle
  • Importing and Starting the Sword
  • Adding Details to the Sword
  • More Sword Details
  • Painting the Sword Grip
  • Painting the Sword Metals
  • Finishing the Sword
Using Mudbox for Hair
  • Importing the Hair and Starting Sculpting
  • Sculpting the Hair
  • Painting the Hair
  • Finalizing the Hair
The Eye
  • Importing and Sculpting the Eye
  • Painting the Whites of the Eye
  • Painting the Iris
  • Painting the Rim of the Iris
  • Extracting Normals from Eye
Posing in Mudbox
  • Posing in Mudbox
Fine Tuning
  • Fine Tuning the Face
  • Fine Tuning Around the Eyes
  • Fine Tuning Cheeks
  • Fine Tuning Lips
  • Adding Pores and Texture
  • Fine Tuning Eyebrows and Lips
  • Fine Tuning Hands
  • Adding Nipples and a Belly Button
  • Fine Tuning the Wrinkles
  • Adding Vascularity
Sending the Mesh Back to 3ds Max
  • Extracting Normal Maps
  • Exporting OBJ Files
  • Exporting FBX Files
  • Using the Send To Button
  • Correcting the Boots In 3ds Max
  • Importing OBJ into 3ds Max And Applying Materials
  • Importing FBX Objects into 3ds Max
  • Fine Tuning the Face
  • Render and Mesh Comparisons

About The Author

After college Brian worked for a couple years as a graphic designer until he finally got a break doing 3D animation. It was early on in the days of 3D, Brian started with the DOS package 3D Studio R2. Brian and hs brother produced their own video game in the days of Myst. While creating the game 3D Studio became 3ds Max for Windows and made production go a lot faster. After the game he worked for several multimedia companies producing 3D for clients ranging from Briggs and Stratton to the WIBC doing an animation of Barbie bowling. Brian started teaching in 2001 and have been teaching full time since then. He still do freelance work to stay current in the industry while teaching.
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