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Learning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video
DVD Edition with Matt Perez
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O`ReillyO`ReillyLearning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video - DVD Edition with Matt PerezLearning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video - DVD Edition with Matt PerezA Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills02268 DVD112.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Learning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video
DVD Edition with Matt Perez

Learning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video -- DVD Edition with Matt Perez

A Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills

In Learning SolidWorks 2016 Training Video DVD Edition with Matt Perez, expert author Matt Perez will teach you about the tools and techniques needed for 3D surface and model design in SolidWorks. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with SolidWorks is required.
You will start by learning how to customize the user interface, shortcuts, and templates. From there, Matt will teach you about sketching, including basic and advanced sketch entities, 3D sketch, and reference geometry. This video tutorial also covers modeling a machine part, a molded part, a sheetmetal weldment, and complex geometry. You will also cover topics including sketch editing, assemblies, visualization, configurations, and drawings. Finally, Matt will provide you with additional tips and tricks for working in SolidWorks.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have learned everything you need to know to create your own 3D models and drawings in SolidWorks. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.
Run time: 12 hours - 108 tutorial videos.

Table of Contents

01. Introduction
0101 About the Author
0102 What You Should Expect From This Course
0103 How To Access Your Working Files
02. Getting Started
0201 Running Solidworks
0202 Using Help
0203 The Solidworks UI
0204 Customizing The UI - Part 1
0205 Customizing The UI - Part 2
0206 Customizing Shortcuts - Keyboard
0207 Customizing Shortcuts - Shortcut Toolbar
0208 Customizing Shortcuts - Tabs
0209 Customizing Shortcuts - Mouse Gestures
0210 Templates And File Types
0211 Customizing Templates
0213 File Properties
03. Sketching
0301 Starting A 2D Sketch
0302 Basic Sketch Entities
0303 Advanced Sketch Entities
0304 Sketch Dimension
0305 Sketch Relations
0306 Move, Mirror, Patterns
0307 Blocks
0308 Convert, Intersection And Construction
0309 3D Sketch
0310 3D Sketch Vs Projected Curve
0311 Equations, Global Variables And Linked Dimensions
0312 Reference Geometry
04. Modeling A Machined Part
0401 Design Intent And Planning For Machined Part
0402 Additive Vs Subtractive Modeling
0403 Machined Part Design 1
0404 Machined Part Design 2
0405 Machined Part Design 3
05. Modeling A Molded Part
0501 Design Intent And Planning For Molded Part
0502 Drafted Part Design
0503 Drafting In A Feature
0504 Drafting After A Feature
0505 Molded Part Design 1
0506 Molded Part Design 2
0507 Molded Part Design 3
0508 Molded Part Evaluation
06. Modeling A Sheetmetal Weldment
0601 Design Intent And Planning For Sheetmetal Weldment
0602 Bent Part Design Process
0603 Basic Toolset
0604 Flattening And Folding
0605 Weldment
0606 Sheetmetal Part Design 1
0607 Sheetmetal Part Design 2
0608 Sheetmetal Part Design 3
0609 Sheetmetal Part Evaluation
07. Modeling Complex Geometry
0701 Complex Sketches
0702 Complex Features
0703 Complex Surfaces
0704 Complex Part Design 1
0705 Complex Part Design 2
0706 Complex Part Design 3
0707 Complex Part Design 4
0708 Complex Part Design 5
08. Editing
0801 Sketch Editing
0802 Feature Editing
0803 Warnings
0804 Errors
0805 Edit Part Example 1
0806 Edit Part Example 2
09. Assemblies
0901 Intro To Assemblies
0902 Assembly Layout Sketch
0903 Insert A Part
0904 Create A Sub-Assembly
0905 Insert A Sub-Assembly
0906 Create An In-Context Part
0907 Assembly Mates 1
0908 Assembly Mates 2
0909 Multi-Body Part Vs Sub-Assembly
0910 Motion Study Example
0911 Assembly References
10. Visualization
1001 Visualization In The UI
1002 Real View
1003 PV360 Preview
1004 Appearances
1005 Scenes
1006 Lights
1007 Cameras
1008 Views, Sections
1009 Renders
11. Configurations
1101 Intro To Configurations
1102 Part Configurations
1103 Part Derived Configurations
1104 Configuration Display States
1105 Design Tables
1106 Assembly Configurations
1107 Exploded Views
1108 Custom Properties
12. Drawings
1201 Introduction To Drawings
1202 Templates And Formats
1203 Creating A New Drawing
1204 View Creation 1
1205 View Creation 2
1206 Dimensions And Annotations 1
1207 Dimensions And Annotations 2
1208 Creating Multiple Sheets
1209 Exploded Views
1210 Save, PDF And E-Drawings
13. Additional Tips And Trick
1301 Additional Tips 1
1302 Additional Tips 2
1303 Additional Tips 3
14. Conclusion
1401 Recap Of Lessons Learned
1402 Additional Practice
1403 Additional Resources
1404 Conclusion

About the Author

Matt Perez has 13 years of experience in Design/Fabrication for Transportation Research. His area of expertise in Design and Engineering CAD services includes Product design and development, simulation, efficiency improvement, design consulting, reverse engineering and training. His main focus is on complex surfacing/plastic part design, but can tackle any project from toys, electronic enclosures, sheet metal and welded assemblies all the way up to automotive concept design and development. Matt has extensive Cad experience with UGS NX, Autodesk Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, as well as Cam, FEA/CFD, Fabrication and 3d scan experience.
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