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The Premiere Solution for Importing CAD Data in 3ds Max

Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds MaxPower Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds Max is a ground breaking, highly efficient professional tool that combines state-of-the-art hardware and networking technologies with the advanced geometric modeling technology from IntegrityWare. Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds Max has been built from the ground to solve today's difficult problems of getting quality CAD data into 3ds Max. The plug-in has been battle-hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best Max visualization rendering facilities in the world. Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds Max is the plug-in of choice for professionals who want the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality 3ds Max CAD translator on the market today.
Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds Max significantly reduces the time it takes to import large models and assemblies into 3ds Max. What used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. Working with large models and assemblies inside of 3ds Max can be significantly faster if you have a dual core and/or multi-processor box. Because sometimes the native CAD data needs a little or even a lot of help, Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds Max also includes the full Power NURBS toolset, which contains a complete set of geometry cleanup and reconstruction tools.

Key Features and Benefits

Includes Power NURBS
Providing a complete set of advanced surface repair and reconstruction tools as well as a full suite of surface creation tools.
Includes Power NET Distributed Data Translation
Power Translators Pro with Power NET leverages the full computing power of your entire network.
Includes SolidWorks and Parasolid Direct Translator
As well as IGES, STEP, SAT and Rhino file formats.
Multi-Processor Mesh Generation
Leverage the power of today's multi-core and/or multi-processor architectures for up to 3x performance improvement over Power Translators Basic.
Powerful Face Flipping and Visibility Tools
Unique ring based advanced surface unification algorithm will quickly work to unify the adjoining surface orientations.
NURBS Caching Technology
Dramatically reduces memory footprint and increases the number of objects that can be rendered.
Power Edge Mesh
Convert your complex CAD data to nPower new hidden triangle mesh. The super clean NURBS like mesh dramatically improves wireframe visibility and performance.
Duplicate Face Detection
Intelligent duplicate surface detection mechanism.
Power Navigator
Provides a full hierarchy browser that gives you immediate access to objects nested in the history stack.

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