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Maxwell for Solidworks: Rendering Toolkit for Visualization

Maxwell | SOLIDWORKSMaxwell | SOLIDWORKS offers seamless integration, allowing you to work comfortably within the Solidworks interface. This product has been specifically designed for rendering in Solidworks with a simple yet comprehensive Maxwell toolbar. It brings you advanced Maxwell Render technology in a simple, self-contained package.

Render engine built-in

Maxwell Integrations offer an easy workflow which allow you to compose, edit and render your scenes from a simple toolbar inside your usual 3D application. Maxwell Integrations come with the full Maxwell toolkit, including:
  • Maxwell Production Engine
  • Multilight
  • FIRE (interactive preview engine)
  • Materials Editor
  • Real camera model
  • Network tools

Maxwell Render V4 | Solidworks key feature list

  • FIRE
  • Multilight
  • Network Rendering System
  • Render Channels
  • GPU Support
  • Simulens
  • Extra Sampling
  • Instance Support
  • MXS Referencing
  • Maxwell Grass
  • Maxwell Procedural Textures Support (via mxm materials)
  • Integrated Material Editor
  • Native Materials Automatic Translation
  • MXM Materials
  • Access to Online Material Gallery
  • Maxwell Volumetrics
  • Maxwell Sea

This Product is Also Known As

  • Maxwell Render V4

  • Maxwell for Solidworks

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Maxwell | SOLIDWORKS requires :
SOLIDWORKS 2018-2019SOLIDWORKS Student Edition: Helping students learn to design better products.This item cannot be purchased separately.2928
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