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Hands-on practice working with MecSoft's VisualCAM

CAMJam for VisualCAM -- Self-Training VideoCAMJam for VisualCAM Self-Training Video is the perfect video training companion for new and seasoned users alike who want to achieve the maximum shop— floor benefits their software provides. All training sessions are organized by content, indexed and searchable so you know exactly which video to watch to get your questions answered. New users will also benefit from the additional uninterrupted full full—length training sessions included in CAMJam.

Brief Description of Contents

  • The new VisualCAM 2018—MILL User Interface
  • Machine Setup, Stock and Geometry considerations for 2½ Axis, 3, 4 and Indexed 5 Axis setups
  • A complete "What's New" video and discussion on all of the new features in the 2018 release
  • EVERY 2, 3, 4 and Indexed 5 Axis machining strategy
  • The NEW 2½ Axis Roughing strategy!
  • Creating User Defined Form Tools for custom 2½ Axis Profiling operations
  • The Post Processor Generator and Setup for 2½ Axis, 3, 4 and 5 Axis milling
  • Implementing custom Tool Libraries and Machining Knowledge Bases
  • Implementing User—specific defaults databases
  • Using 2½, 3 Axis Machining Regions and Control Geometry effectively
  • Viewing, Simulating and Editing your toolpath operations
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