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Upgrade to Rhino 6.0 Student License has been reviewed by 38 users, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Paul Bundarin September 7, 2016
I got great service form Novedge. After all that's what you're really looking for.
Great Software - Great Price
Timothy Kaylor May 5, 2016
I had Rhino version 1 educational. I was able to upgrade all the way to the latest and I am glad I did.
Getting the upgrade from Novedge was fast and easy. There was a small problem because of the old license, but i called them and they helped me right through that.
Rhino has added more and more features. It is now compatible with many, many file types some that I cannot open with other software I use. I use it for several things, including 3D printing and I always get great models. It is so easy to create with Rhino3D.
Julian Arango October 3, 2014
Installed and working perfect, just as described
Rhino 5.0 very solid software
Jesse Ogburn July 2, 2014
I use Rhino almost every day and I'm very impressed with it. I had previously learned cad on another program, but Rhino is much more stream lined and versatile. I use the software in a cabinet shop and it gets used for cabinet design, blueprints, counter top design as well as any other design that needs precision and automation. Combined with Rhino's ability to be expanded via macros, scripts, and plug-ins, I believe that it is among the best software for your money that there is. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Greg Heinen March 25, 2014
You wont find a better company to help you get started with 3d design. EXTREMELY supportive and easy to get answers to design questions. This version is night and day different from the 4.0. Highly suggest to anyone !
an intelligent upgrade
Dominick Jones March 10, 2014
I just upgraded from 2.0 to 5.0 dreading the result as the industry normal now seems to be to mess around with a perfectly good interface, and slip in a few bell's and whistles, if possible messing up backward compatibility at the same time. Quark and Microsoft (Access, Excel, Word) are big offenders.

Not so Rhino. They decided to keep familiar menus, and to add separate menus for the changes. I haven't been using 5.0 for long enough to have discovered all the things that are new, but they range from slick little help-works (like gumball and smarttrack) to a real time alt-az facility which lets you show how the sun shines all day.

So, I was able to go right back to work in 5.0 on a drawing created in 2.0 using the same old familiar methods, free to figure out the what's new when it suited me.

To this end, the videos available are absolutely superb.

Great product for both architectural and product design
Mark Wilson December 31, 2013
The review title pretty much says it. You can add just about any other kind if design as well.
Frank Shurick October 1, 2013
A joy to use. East to use understand interface. A major improvement over 4.0.

Thank you
Fantastic Value & Bold Committment
Bruce Sauter March 18, 2013
There are very few products of any kind in the market that has a continuous improvement methodology as Rhino. I've been using Rhino over 10 years and it is a real comfort knowing that your most valued tool is committed to working with you and continuously raising the quality bar to make your work a better experience. Great Job Rhino !!!
Rhino 5.0
Michael Herbst March 6, 2013
I love Rhino as a concept sketching tool. All drafting programs that I tried started from an esoteric point of view...had to learn their specific way of getting things done within the program before you could actually do something. Not so with Rhino. Rhino begins with a basic knowledge of drafting. If you know how to draft, you can be productive with Rhino instantly...for the most part, the steep part of the learning curve has already been tackled. Rhino is essentially an electronic 3-D drafting program. Moreover, the program is fun to use and nigh impervious to breaking (as opposed to Autodesk's Inventor, which in my hands was always on the rocks). I recommend it highly.
Smooth upgrade
Joe Bargo February 4, 2013
We used v4 and had been using 64 bit v5 during beta very successfully, with the only challenge being the constant upgrade on our limited internet. The commercial v5 is fantastic and installed very simply. We are using heavily with grasshopper and all is well. Keep up the good work McNeel!
Best Rhino Ever Now
Anonymous January 3, 2013
I have installed and explored the new tools and features of the 5.0 rev - they make Rhino the best ever especially dimensions and printing for architectural sheets. I will be using it for architectural projects through the construction docs. Modeling tools are improved and advanced. The commands are familiar enough for an acad user to get into it quickly and the modeling is far advanced above acad. McNeel tech support is great as always. Plugins are broad and affordable compared to other 3D software. I'll be getting VisualARC soon because it too is improving. Rhino is a true bargain. Novedge is a great place to buy it too.
Rhino 5.0 upgrade
Michael Binns December 12, 2012
Works fine new features great I am enjoying the 64 bit seems faster well worth the price
Rhino 5 at last
Debra Booth December 10, 2012
I have been using Rhino for just over a year and various beta versions of 5 until this upgrade. It's a good program, versatile -- certainly the 3D aspect but also for straight 2D drafting. It can talk to CAD and maybe that is where I find it most useful -- ours is a multi-departmental work -- special effects works with the set designers and rhino makes it easy to talk to all the animals....
Rhino V5
Sterling Vanderwerker December 3, 2012
The substantive upgrade for Rhino3D does not disappoint. The new tools and improvements are useful and very stable. Since I use a "Skin" to automate many processes, the software still has more functions that our Jewelers skin has not integrated but I can run in the rhino interface (i'm a version 1 guy so I learned the command lines ;-).. I've had no crashing or other issues. The Gumball interface finally makes sense and practical use of the perspective menu, it is significantly easier to model in the perspective view only.

The only issue that I'm not really happy with is the extrusion of a curve to a solid. Booleans work better in our "Skin" when the extrusion is exploded and re-joined. Otherwise I'd give it five stars!

UPDATE from the reviewer December 26, 2012: "Otherwise,.." I learned that the extrude to solid has a command line option and a default option,.. so now FIVE STARS!
Rhino 5.0
Anonymous November 22, 2012
I started with Rhino 4 and V5.0 adds a lot of features.

Rhino is quality software and McNeel provides great support.

Very pleased!
Design Tool - Rhino 4.0
Yamaha Artist Services Burbank April 4, 2012
First off the customer service through Novedge
was amazing. Their staff is extremely well versed and helpful.
The Rhino 4.0 software has already become an
indespensable part of the guitar design process
here at Yamaha Guitar Development USA.
all the best, John Gaudesi
The Best 3d starter application!
Dennis Butler March 23, 2009
Several years ago I used the Rhino 3.0 training books to teach my son the basics of 3d modeling. Now I plan to teach my daughter the same with Rhino 4.0.

Rhino gives you an understanding of the design and surfacing concepts that you can carry on to any other design or modeling application you desire. And with the increasing number of filetypes that Rhino can read and write to, there may not really be any reason to learn another application, except maybe for some advanced features.

All told, this is the Best modeling Software for the money. Hands Down!
get this upgrade
Bill Knighton February 25, 2009
besides all the other new features, being able to use 4.0 only scripting technologies is worth it.
The Most Valuable tool to a Jewelry Modeler
Armen Martirosian October 24, 2008
I found the new upgrade Rhino 4.0 to be my new best employee at my Jewelry Design/Manufacturing company. This software enables me to serve my clients with best possible end-result and they are with me all along the process. I email them renderings and quickly make any necessary changes to my models. Wow... I'm amazed how this tool has made my job so much easier. Thank you guys at Mcneel, and thanks to Novedge for giving the best possible deal on this program.
Rhino 4.0 Upgrade
Michael Edgett January 7, 2008
This upgrade is great ! Many new features and most of them very useful !
new stuff
Anonymous November 1, 2007
Fantastic UDT tools!
Rhino 4.0 update
Anonymous October 17, 2007
Its one louder.
Rhino 4.0 Upgrade - Excellent
Anonymous October 10, 2007
Works great, great delivery, wonderful product.
Simply the best
William Babakian June 11, 2007
Rhino is incredible. I use it for jewelry and it has increased what I am able to do significantly. For non-engineer types there is a bit of a learning curve, but instead of getting some of the "dumbed down" products that are now showing up, I feel a beginner would do much better to get Rhino, understanding that they will grow into the product. Nothing would be more frustrating than getting a "simpler" product and finding that it isn't capable of doing what you need it to do. This will not happen with Rhino.

Rhino IV is also a wonderful upgrade. Lots of new features to speed work.
$10,000 Surface Modeler + ACAD
Chad Bryant June 6, 2007
Back in 1997, I had a job to evaluate 20 of the best surface and solid modeling programs for a company and pick the best one for them. Rhino was literally the best for them at any price. Now, 10 years later, it rivals the functionality of programs costing $5,000 to $10,000. It is a very strong surface modeler and file translator, but incorporates features from solid modeling like booleans and features for doing 2d blueprints. There is a way to do about anything you want to do in Rhino. Rhino 4.0 has brought the quality of solid modeling booleans and 2d blueprinting dimensions and details up to the level that the surface modeler has always been. For me, Rhino 4.0 brings Rhino to a level in 2D that replaces ACAD for the kind of stuff I do and I can now do solid modeling booleans that I would have had to build from the curves in 3.0. Rhino is worth the price as a file translator alone, but now you can truly do anything with it. I've been doing 3D modeling since 1985.
Upgrade is worth the cost.
Mark Cooper May 29, 2007
I do a lot of 2D work and the new features in Rhino 4 help a lot. I also like the opening template screen and the online manual with animated illustrations. It also has an RPN calculator built in which is really handy. I recommend it.
Rhino 4 delivers
Lawrence Swift May 3, 2007
Not a big fan of doing these reviews, but Rhino 4 REALLY delivers on ability to do difficult boolean operations. Well worth the price. Only downside: RHINO MUST FIX NOT WORKING WITH VISTA! Sorry guys, but if Bill Gates pops a new operating system, you have to respond. The difficulty in working around this in my shop is VERY painful. Back to review, if you have Windows operating system and are using 3.0, buy the upgrade now!
No better program
Christopher Harbottle April 10, 2007
I have been using Rhino for a couple of years and I got to say that it is by far, the best modeler I have used. I have used SDRC, Pro/ENGINEER, and UGS, but Rhino actually listens to their customers and builds the program around them.

Rhino 4.0 has many new features and fixed a few old bugs. For the price, there is nothing else better out there.
Rhino3D Rocks!
Mike Dejanovic March 26, 2007
satisfied rhino3d user from version 2.0 / learned rhino without any book, and seldom look into help file, the work flow is so NATURAL / unheard industry support=users suggestions matters / rocks solid product / the best nurbs modeler around / I'm wondering why ACAD is still in the business? (coz all of the old-timers still working and do not want to learn better stuff / they gonna retire soon...) Thank you RMA team for this wonderful product.

Joseph Sorrentino March 21, 2007
The time saving boolean operations alone are worth every penny!Love the UDT functions,the bend in solids is a lifesaver.

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