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Upgrade your Penguin 1.0 Educational Lab License to the current version.

Upgrade to Penguin 2.0 Educational Lab Kit From Any Previous Version brings freehand sketching, watercolor painting and cartoon-like rendering to the power of Rhino or AutoCAD.
Upgrade to Penguin 2.0 Educational Lab Kit is a conceptual, sketch and cartoon, non-photometric scan line renderer. With Upgrade to Penguin 2.0 Educational Lab Kit you can create stylized images of your models with an artistic look for enhanced graphic and visual appeal. The product CD include both version: the Rhino and the AutoCAD plug-in.
Upgrade to Penguin 2.0 Educational Lab Kit works with Rhino and with almost all versions of AutoCAD.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Conceptual, non-photorealistic renderer.
  • Easy to use, works seamlessly inside Rhino, and provides a host of features that speed and simplify image rendering for conceptual design or illustration purposes.
  • Fast. Quickly produces an image in the desired resolution.
  • Batch rendering through scripts.
  • Anti-aliasing with user control.
  • Can be combined with Flamingo or AccuRender renderings for true artistic results.
  • Sketch and cartoon rendering modes.
  • Ability to create your own rendering styles based in these rendering modes.

Upgrade to Penguin 2.0 Educational Lab Kit is the ugrade for Penguin for use on as many computers as are in a single classroom or lab or a 30-user floating license for a department.

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