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Cinema 4D Studio R20 has been reviewed by 26 users, with an average rating of 4.6 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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so good
Ilyas Gökdemir September 28, 2013
a very nice program. I love you Cinema 4D, Thank you Maxon...
Novedge Greatness
Stephen Gifford July 12, 2010
I always love dealing with these guys. It feels like a small operation when you call them but they always respond quickly and my purchases are always shipped pronto. Never had any problems when ordering from Novedge.
Whats in it with Cinema 4D
Chris Norma May 18, 2010
I do like it alot to see all the features especially
that it does go with the Export function to attache with Vue E-onsoftware product(s)
which I have. I do like to see that in action.
C4D Tops
Nathan Tull October 29, 2007
Fantastic program, I'm very new to 3D but the tutorials,manual and website Cineversity & C4D Cafe have helped tremendously in getting aquainted with C4D. it's very user friendly and top notch on my chart.
Ben Gimbert October 12, 2007
You Cant Imagine What Cinema 4D R10 Can Do...
Ozan Keskin April 30, 2007
Ii have downloaded a demo version, and I was amazed of what i could do, I made evrything I desired like wallpapers and they were all great. I have only taken 2 online tutorials of how C4D works and I have to tell you it was very easy. Everyone can do anything they like with C4D R10. I wish I had Full version of C4D. It's simply amazing.
great new features
Sheena Tuggle April 10, 2007
this new software is great for some of the new ones from the old ones. the one thing i especially like is the little window so your could type in your frame that you wished to go to. it helps a lot to fix little problems that are wrong in my clip.
simplicity with advanced full features
Luis Tiago March 19, 2007
C4D has all a art director, a motion desiner, a 3D maniac will hever nedded whith the most user friendly interface, giving the chance for anyone to take full advantege off all of his features ! Sketch and send to the animartors without no special knoledge, create from the bottom to the top without no comlplicated knoledge . Simplicity at the service of creativiti .
A powerhouse - get it!
Frederick Carter March 13, 2007
Excellent, robust, all-in-one software package, even if just using the core feature sets and the now included Bodypaint 3 module. Add to it Mocca 3 (which I purchased also), and if you're a 3D modeler/character animator, virtually every major thing you'll need to create really high-quality 3D content and animation is here. A huge bonus is C4D's expandability via the modules (which are reasonably priced), and it's ability to work with Photoshop directly in Bodypaint. I highly recommend this software. I'm very pleased with my progress in creating 3D content with the use of C4D so far. --
M . A. Smith October 10, 2006
Onto my second week trial of C4D and I am amazed at what I can already accomplish. Very easy to get up and running (I know you've heard that before, but this time it's the truth,) and so much to learn. If you're coming from a common CAD program background, you'll have to learn to think a bit differently and rely a lot on your creativity. But if you like 3D modelling, you should give CD4 a closer look.
Great package - Great price
Gregory Hill October 5, 2006
I am very happy with Cinema 4D and if you want a few extras at an incredible savings, the XL package is for you.
The best 3D modeller product ever made
Dave Lenin August 19, 2006
CINEMA 4D is software for professionals, but beginners will be able to create the best models too...its very easy...
I work in CINEMA just about one week,and I've done som great scenes, like swimming pool with water (very very nice water) and garden...
I've found some tutorials, so, I learnt it very quickly...
There is plugin named 'Hair' , so create grass in the garden was too easy :)
There are other plugins like MOCCA, MoGraph... but i don't know what is that..never mind, just find few tutorials about it and thats all...!
I have try 3ds max...but It was too hard for me...there was lot of funkction and I couldn't know how to used them...
I'm 15...and I'm form english isn't very good, but never mind. :)

Who wants to start with 3D modeling, buy CINEMA 4D.
Who need professional 3D modeller, buy
CINEMA 4D too :)

I love CINEMA 4D !
I like Cinema 4D
Immad Kadi June 6, 2006
Cinema 4D it is a nice program to make 3d immages and videos. I would recommend it!
CINEMA 4D - Core Package review
Tony Coston January 31, 2006
This product is incredible!
I am still waiting for my book purchase from; when i recieve it, I'm sure I will be doing some fantastic movies with it.
Thank you for your creation!

Tony Coston
This program rocks!
Anonymous November 22, 2005
This program rocks. I love it! I would recommend Cinema 4D.
Great 3D Package
Mark Durgee November 15, 2005
Was a Strata user, but they rarely update the program and it's really way behind. Tried for a LONG time to learn Maya - way too complicated and overkill for our needs. Cinema 4D is very powerful while very easy to learn. I'm pleased so far.
Came in record time.
Russell Colwell November 3, 2005
Very pleased at the service I received. The delivery was very prompt. I was suprised to see it come so soon.
Excellent Program!
Anonymous October 26, 2005
Of all the programs I have used (and they have been legion) this is by far the best. I have been using it for a little under a year and I am loving every minute. The UI is very well layed out and totaly customizable. The lighting system coupled with Advanced Render produces spectacular photorealism, and the shading and texturing system leaves nothing out. With MOCCA advanced character rigs are easy to do. But by far my favorite feature has got to be PyroCluster and Thinking Particles. Talk about your powerful particle system! If you just bought the program and want to get some good tutorials, visit and Enjoy!
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