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RhinoPro‑J for Rhino 5.0
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Logis3D S.r.l.Logis3D S.r.l.RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0Maximum flexibility and innovation for jewelry designers. Plug-ins work with Rhino 5.0.BID-199-92061,009.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0


Maximum flexibility and innovation for jewelry designers. Plug-ins work with Rhino 5.0.

RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0 is a collection of Rhino plug-ins for advanced and pliable jewellery modeling. RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0 enables jewel and fashion accessory designers to focus on product innovation, making their work easier, faster and more effective. The plug-in J-Tools offers a set of enhanced tools particularly focused on 3D jewellery and contains advanced versions of common Rhinoceros commands, such as UDT Splop and Orient on surface. Pavetool for advanced stone setting features a wide range of high level editing tools to place gems, make holes, apply azure cut and jewelry pre-cut.


RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0's various plug-ins offer:
  • AdvancedBoolean
  • RingCreator
  • RingResize
  • GemCreator
  • DrillGem
  • DrillTools
  • BezelCreator
  • ProngBezelCreator
  • ScoopCreator
  • OrientOnPolisurface/Mesh
  • ExtendedPipe
  • AdvancedSplop
  • Curve on Polysurface/Mesh

J-Tools - Features

  • RingCreator creates simple rings, contrari√© and shanks in a parametric way
  • RingResize changes the size of a ring preserving its overall shape and appearance
  • GemCreator creates parametric gems either from scratch or from a custom shape curve. It includes a library of the most commonly used cuts
  • BezelCreator creates parametric bezel and pronged heads
  • DrillGem creates parametric gem drills for any gem built within JTools
  • DrillTools creates parametric gem drill for round cuts
  • ExtendedPipe creates pipes with custom section on polysurface or on mesh. It allows pipe interlacing and local transformation of their sections

Pavetools - Features

  • Pav√© onto either surfaces or polysurfaces
  • Advanced editing of already placed gems (move, resize, sink and more)
  • Exact placement of gems along outer edges
  • Possibility to embellish the model with drawings of equally or unequally sized gems
  • Azure cut, pre-cut and standard holes creation

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0 requires :
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