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LightmapLightmapHDR Light Studio 5.4 - LicenseHDR Light Studio 5.4 - LicenseA better place to light your shots. Includes 1st year maintenance.HDRLS_NL_PERM945.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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HDR Light Studio 5.4

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HDR Light Studio 5.4 -- License

A better place to light your shots. Includes 1st year maintenance.

With an interface 100% focused on lighting your shot, HDR Light Studio 5.4 License provides a fast and precise way to light a 3D model. HDR Light Studio 5.4 allows you to put the 'right lights' in the 'right place' with instant visual feedback.
At the heart of HDR Light Studio 5.4 is the HDR Canvas - a live HDRI environment map that updates in real-time as the lighting design evolves.


  • Create perfect studio lighting HDRI maps from scratch using procedural and photographic lights
  • Enhance existing photographic HDRI environments - add new light sources, color adjust and much more
  • Build convincing HDRI environments for CG objects composited into a photographic background

New in version 5.4

Adjustable Light Handles
Since HDR Light Studio 1, lights have been positioned by their centres, as indicated by the orange dot – the handle. But sometimes when using LightPaint to position lights on the 3D model, you don't want to place a light by its centre. HDR Light Studio 5.4 introduces adjustable handles that can be positioned anywhere within the light. The handle is easily moved using the sliders or by dragging directly in the Light preview image.
Area Light
Area Lights can now point in any direction and are not limited to face the LightPaint location. So LightPaint can be used to position the light, but the direction it faces can easily be adjusted. It is true that orientating lights in 3D software is easy; the difference using HDR Light Studio 5.4, is the fluidity and ease in which the lighting can be created, adjusted and positioned in a very creative way – concentrating on the lighting effect in the final shot and not worrying about moving lights in 3D space.
Advanced Rotations
3D mapped lights are no longer limited to being orientated 'normal' to the lighting sphere, or for area lights, facing directly at the LightPaint location. X and Y rotations allow lights to be orientated in any direction. The light orientation is controlled with X,Y,Z rotations click and drag controls, these work relative to the light's current orientation, so are easy to use. Full 3 axis rotations allow new content to be added into a HDRI map and precisely orientated to simulate any 3D positioning. This provides far greater control over your existing HDRI maps.
Rotation Modes
Rotation Modes allow the user to change the orientation characteristics of a light, providing useful behaviors for the lighting artist. There are 4 Rotation Modes:
  • Free: Behaves the same as when the Advanced Rotation setting is off (lights are normal to the lighting sphere and area lights face the LightPaint location), but you are able to manually adjust the X,Y,Z rotations of the light.
  • V-Lock: Light is always vertical, and aligned with the LightPaint location. This is ideal for pack shots, maintaining the vertical alignment of lights.
  • H-Lock: Light is always horizontal, but aligned with the LightPaint location.
  • Fixed: Ignores the LightPaint location, default to horizontal and aligned with world X axis. Ideal for placing the light over a car with a fixed orientation.
The X,Y,Z rotations are applied as an offset to these default behaviours, and this offset is maintained even when moving the light. So for example if V-Lock mode is used, the light can be tilted a little off vertical and wherever the light is place it will face a little off vertical.
New Light Sources
32 additional Studio Light Sources have been added to the Preset library. (Customers should download Studio Lights 2 to get these new lights, for trial users they are included in the trial lights at lo-resolution)


Procedural Lights
Ideal for studio lighting, HDR Light Studio 5.4 has a range of synthetic lights that can be combined to produce complex lighting designs. These procedural lights come in a variety of shapes and types - round, square, hexagon. Dark lights are used to subtract light. Gradient lights give ramped illumination.
Image Lights
Load your own environment maps as a base for your lighting design. Add your own high dynamic range images to provide additional lighting or select from our preset lights. Choose from three projection mappings - 3D, canvas or spherical - when placing your lights. Use mattes to shape the illumination with HDR Light Studio 5.4's Gobo lights.
HDR Light Studio 5.4 ships with many high dynamic range images of real lights - softboxes, reflectors, flourescent strip lights, incandescent bulbs and more. Miscellaneous lighting,
Render View
HDR Light Studio 5.4 includes a very fast renderer optimized to help you light models rather than render your final image. You can place lights just by clicking on where you'd like it to reflect in the model. Alembic, FBX, COLLADA, OBJ and MI formats supported.
Blend Modes
Use blend modes to adjust the color of all or parts of the canvas. Add, subtract, multiply, over, clamp, color, saturation and hue blend modes are supported.
Nice New Touches
The cursor is now updated to indicate which tool is active when using the Canvas, Render View and Light Preview. Double click on any slider label text to reset the slider to its default value.
  • Cinema 4D Connection now supports MAXON R18
  • DeltaGen Connection now supports 2017x
  • 15-day fully functional trial now includes all Preset Lights at lo resolution

This Product is Also Known As

  • HDR LightStudio

  • HDRI LightStudio

  • Lightmap Studio

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of HDR Light Studio 5.4 — License requires :
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