Lattice3DXVL Converter Plug‑In for Creo Elements
64‑bit edition

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Export XVL files directly from Creo Elements/Direct Modeling (formerly CoCreate)

XVL Converter Plug-In for Creo Elements -- 64-bit editionXVL Converter Plug-In for Creo Elements 64-bit edition is a plug-in for PTC Creo that enables the user to import and export XVL files from within the application. XVL Converter Plug-In for Creo Elements are industry-leading converters that quickly and accurately translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL, able to compress 3D data up to 0.5% of its original size with very high accuracy.
XVL Converters access CAD models through the respective CAD system, and achieve breakthrough ultra-compression by expressing the model as highly compressed 3D surfaces that maintain both high accuracy and the visual integrity of the original data. All converters on offer can perform post-processing commands after conversions.
XVL Converter Plug-ins are plug-ins for CAD systems and other applications to enable the user to export XVL files directly from within the application.

Other Options

XVL Converter Plug-In for Creo Elements is also available in the 32 bit edition.

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