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Interactive 3D in Microsoft Excel
Lattice3D Reporter 12brings the intuitive power of 3D visualization to anyone by enabling consumption of interactive 3D models and associated information to anyone using either Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or interactive 3D PDFs.
Explore data rich 3D PDFs with the Adobe Reader you already have.
There are two sides of Lattice3D Reporter 12: Author and Consume.
Author/Create: Use Microsoft Excel to Create 3D Technical Documentation
A purchased license for a add-in to Microsoft Excel, which allows an XVL model and associated information to be embedded into a Microsoft Excel file and to interactive 3D PDF files. To request a trial, click the button to the left.
Consume/Use: Any Stakeholder With Microsoft Excel Can View 3D in Excel for FREE
A FREE add-in for Microsoft Excel, which allows for complete consumption of the embedded model and associated information. To download, click the button to the left.

Features and Benefits

Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors by Sharing Product Information
Lattice3D Reporter increases productivity and reduces errors by enabling people in the extended enterprise to quickly see, review and use 3D data via the world's number one communication tool - Microsoft Excel. Creation of the spreadsheets does not require the expert input of engineers or demand additional CAD seats, thus ensuring that all resources are being optimally used. This process can be automated using templates.
Share 3D CAD Product Data in Excel Spreadsheets with Anyone
Spreadsheets created using Lattice3D Reporter are easily shared throughout an organization and immediately viewed using the Lattice3D Reporter Viewer - provided free-of-charge by Lattice Technology.
Leverage Your 3D CAD Data Models Across Your Extended Enterprise
All reports are created directly from design and list data into print-ready and digital formats depending on your workflow. Work instructions can include interrelated assembly animations which run alongside each written instruction.
Use Lattice3D Reporter for Sharing 3D CAD Standalone, or Integrated with Your ERP, PLM or PDM Systems
Lattice3D Reporter works both as a stand-alone system or integrated within existing ERP, PLM and other IT infrastructures. Data used in the spreadsheets can be extracted from these, and other sources. This capability ensures that all required information is easily delivered in a standard document.
Automate Using Templates
Lattice3D Reporter 12 with the Template Option delivers unprecedented automation advantages into spreadsheets at a single click of a button. By using pre- defined templates, you can create print-ready and digital reports, parts lists, work instructions and more directly from XVL or 3D CAD data into an Excel spreadsheet — with almost no human interaction required. Because this feature fits directly into a workflow, all stakeholders in a product manufacturing process have the right information as soon as it is released or updated by the design departments.

Benefits of Lattice3D Reporter 12 for Manufacturing Using Excel Spreadsheets for Collaboration

Increase Understanding throughout the supply chain
Raise the level of communication throughout your organization and capitalize on the intuitive power of visualization for communication of accurate work instructions, detailed parts lists, mBOMS/sBOMs, with integrated and animated 3D processes which allows parts to be visually cross-checked on the documents.
Increase Productivity of Engineers, Technical Document Specialists, Assembly Workers and Anyone Who Needs Detailed Product Data
Deliver accurate work instructions and reports as soon as design data is released, allowing downstream users to immediately prepare, train and operate with the right documents and data.
Use existing workflows, processes and standard formats
Build 3D spreadsheets into existing processes and IT infrastructures using industry-standard document formats, with both print-ready and digital versions.
Avoid delays caused by engineering changes
Always have the correct data on hand even when changes have occurred upstream. No more waiting weeks and months for new instructions and reports.
Eradicate errors in production and assembly
Customers have proved that accurate, detailed work instructions and BOMs with 3D animations and interrelated data reduce and eventually eradicate errors on the shop floor, significantly reduce training times, and reduce scrap.

Features of Lattice3D Reporter for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

  • Expands the Microsoft Excel toolset for 3D – Lattice3D Reporter works inside Microsoft Excel and saves your reports in the ubiquitous spreadsheet format of Excel with the standard ".xls" extension. The document includes all the XVL data and works on any Excel application.
  • Lightweight Format – All 3D graphics load quickly from the lightweight XVL format. This capability allows you to locate a part on a list visually, rather than trying to remember long numeric IDs. The embedded viewer also includes smaller thumbnail options or "snapshots" with each part entry, allowing you to include alternate perspectives, assembly relationships, or animated instructions.
  • Automated update – When your engineering data is updated and released, Lattice3D Reporter can use the new data to automatically update the previously created spreadsheets.
  • Integration with existing IT infrastructures – Lattice3D Reporter can easily work within existing ERP, PLM and other IT infrastructures, allowing data from many sources to be rapidly used and integrated. Data may include BOMs and lists from ERP alongside 3D CAD data from engineering.

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