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Function 3D viewer with basic editing and authoring capabilities.
Lattice Studio BasicLattice Studio Basic is our authoring tool for making 3D design data into 3D manufacturing data, to enable digital manufacturing, DMU and technical illustration, direct from 3D, across an enterprise. Lattice Studio Basic from Lattice3D makes sense out of your digital manufacturing, design-to-manufacture and digital prototyping workflows without requiring you to switch from existing 3D CAD applications and PLM systems or using CAD seats or additional resources. There are 3 versions, Basic, Standardand Pro.
How to create 3D work instructions using XVL Studio - Basic Features
How to create 3D work instructions using XVL Studio - Advanced Features

Getting Started with Lattice Studio

Lattice3D Studio Getting Started Part 1
Lattice3D Studio Getting Started Part 2
Lattice3D Studio Getting Started Part 3

Key Benefits

Drive innovation, collaboration,and communication
with 3D viewing, measurement, and mark-up and being able to use ultra-compressed XVL across your extended enterprise.
Create technical illustrations directly from 3D models
using Lattice Studio Basic with the Technical Illustration Option.
'Practical' lifecycle management
use Lattice Studio Basic for full participation in the design and manufacturing process without costly CAD system deployments.
Solve the multi-CAD problem
assemble models from different CAD systems to automatically create new XVL files.
Additional optional modules
for Technical Illustration, direct import of CATIA V4 and Parasolid files, and Point Cloud Evaluation.

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