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Manage up to 10 application licenses
JTB FlexReport 11.3 -- Single LicenseJTB FlexReport 11.3 Single License is a report tool for applications using the FLEXnet / FLEXlm (flexlm license manager), IBM LUM (IBM License Use Management) or 12D software licensing. JTB World JTB FlexReport 11.3 is an inexpensive solution for optimizing future software purchases. JTB FlexReport 11.3 tracking and graphic reports help manage and forecast company license usage.
JTB FlexReport 11.3 will help you to see the license usage over the time and help to justify new purchases. This will help you to decide when and how many licenses you will need to purchase next time. Instead of guessing and purchasing more licenses than you really need you can save money using JTB FlexReport 11.3. JTB FlexReport 11.3 can also produce HTML reports showing which licenses are in use right now.

How It Works

Data is logged to a database so you can track the usage per user as well as work with groups of users. This is great if you need help to split license costs. There are also email notifications when usage is exceeding a specified level.
For example, if you have 10 licenses of your software that costs $3,000 each and 20 users that share these licenses. Do you know if you really need these 10 licenses or if you need more if there are 2 more users coming in? If you have JTB FlexReport 11.3 it will be easy to make a correct decision. If you only need to purchase 1 less license you are already benefiting using JTB FlexReport 11.3.
JTB FlexReport 11.3 includes a completely new chart creation solution made from the ground up that replaces Excel with its limitations. Many different types of reports can be created with much more flexibility. The report application is prepared for SQL Server support and is a client server solution making it easier to give more decision makers within your network access to generate their own reports. Tools also make it easy for you to adjust the charts according to your needs (for instance, you can zoom or pan from within the chart, or inquire about values or change colors.)

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