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IronPRO XT: IronCAD Add-On Tools

IronPRO XTIronPRO XT is a powerful set of catalog based add-on tools for IronCAD. IronPRO XT offers the following enhanced functionality:
Library of UNI Parts
Collections of UNI and DIN based Fasteners, Holes, Bearings, Steel Shapes, O-Rings, Holder Rings, and Boss Thread Utilities.
Suppress Manager
A powerful part suppression manager.
IPROActive Manager
A powerful fully configurable BOM data manager that allows quick access to all BOM data in a 3D Scene. IPROActive Manager is fully configurable and allows the customer to get and set all the information in a project. Furthermore, this tools include functionalities that help the creation of configuration and suppression of parts and search and replace of text inside any component of the scene.
IPROActive Parts
Enables the user to drive parametric parts through DB data and a simple interface.
Collections of UNI and DIN based Fasteners, Holes, Bearings, Steel Shapes, O-Rings, Holder Rings, and Boss Thread Utilities.
Shape Utilities
Various utilities for managing your parts. As an example, you can toggle parts from solid to negative (or vice versa) and join or separate IntelliShapes inside parts.
Drawing Utilities
Automatic title block generation and custom BOM tables.
Provides the ability to print or export a group of 2D drawing with very few clicks.
A powerfull tool to transfer any TrueType Font text into a 3D Model inside of IRONCAD.
Allow to the user to select the material density to apply to parts or assemblies using a visual selection in a Database set of materials.
A powerful tool that allows customers to visual exchange the Modeling Kernel used for parts.
An useful utility that easily manages external linked part information.
A utility that helps users to manage groups of catalogs. Thanks to IPROcatalogSet, a user can exchange groups of catalogs opened in a snap.
Allows new improvement updates of IronPRO to automatically occur to any IronPRO customer.

This Product is Also Known As

  • IRONCAD Mechanical

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