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IronCAD Inovate has been reviewed by 4 users, with an average rating of 4.3 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Iron CAD Truth is they care most and are #1 Innovative
C. Tyson Fisk April 19, 2010
I have to say so far I am very impressed with Iron CAD's product and mostly their support team! I did not even have an issue yet they contacted me proactively to make sure I was taken care off and well on my way to getting my return on my investment. They were the only CAD solution which is the most intuitive for my conceptualization though processes. In other words it is most aligned for production, unfettered in thought disruption activities, a very well designed CAD engine offering editing from any perspective w/o constraints. I am the inventor and owner of ArcJetWeld.US; a Gov. Contractor and OEM solutions provider of emergency building / welding / APU systems. I am an incubator at present offering jobs, training and apprenticeships to local underprivileged young men and women; so saving costs and resources is paramount in these challenging times. Iron CAD is unmatched in integration from conceptual to production with CNC machine tools, any CAM tool path package will import its wide range of file type conversions, no special proprietary code is required from them, nice! If you are in the mood for a performance CAD package which is backed by a individuals who appreciate your needs then look no further it is worth your investment here... C. Tyson Fisk
Long Time User
Steve Eckhardt July 17, 2009
I've been using IronCAD since version 1.0. (It was called TriSpectives back then.) It's a lot like Visio for CAD - drag a simple solid from a pallette onto your model, resize it, position it and move on to the next feature. Earlier versions were sometimes buggy, but the last few have been quite robust. For someone who's not a real CAD jockey, this is a great program. Note that Inovate is the "Lite" version; to get 2D CAD drawings and the sheet metal extension you'll have to pony up more $$.
Fantastic concepting program
David Millar September 8, 2005
My facination with this product follows its development all the way back to its Trispectives roots. For me it is a wonderful conceptual tool that complements my other engineering program to quickly create great looking renderings in custom environmental surrondings. The triball (3D interaction tool) is the outstanding centerpiece of this program that gives me complete freedom to arrange components within seconds. No other program that I know of can do what this program can do as easily at this one.

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