The bridge between Blender's ray-tracing production render engine and Cinema 4D

INSYDIUM Cycles 4DINSYDIUM Cycles 4D is an unbiased GPU/CPU render engine developed by the Blender Foundation and made available under the Apache 2 licensing system. Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D without the need for an external application.
With INSYDIUM's own real-time preview and fully featured node editor, along with our eye for detail and quality, Cycles 4D is the ultimate render companion with unparalleled access to X-Particles.


  • Path tracing unbiased renderer
  • CPU- or GPU-based rendering, including multiple GPU support (note: full support for CUDA, partial support for OpenCL)
  • Fast interactive preview render
  • Node-based material system
  • Large library of shader nodes
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