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TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows

TurboCAD LTE Pro: Powerful Features for Drafting and Detailing

TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for WindowsTurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows is the advanced version of TurboCAD LTE. While TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows works like AutoCAD LT, it is a full-featured yet affordable 2.5D CAD software solution that offers everything you look for in AutoCAD LT, plus additional power features that CAD professionals want, like architectural tools and simple BIM support for high-quality drafting and detailing.

Key Features

Low Learning Curve
Menus, tools, and icons are easily recognizable and designed to minimize switching costs for AutoCAD LT users. Familiar keystrokes, command line, palette interfaces and an intelligent cursor have been incorporated. Plus, exceptional compatibility with the latest DWG and DXF file filters allows you to continue to profit from your existing drawings. In addition to providing users with a familiar UI, TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows offers a variety of features, like a 64-bit version, GPU-accelerated drawing engine, and more, to enhance your productivity.
Affordable Innovations
Beyond AutoCAD LT, TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows provides more advanced drafting and detailing capabilities. The powerful drafting palette works with solid or surface models, turning 3D designs into associative 2D views and detailed sections to complete your working drawing documentation. The page layout wizard makes this process even easier with two modes to optimize the creation of 2D layouts from either an architectural or a mechanical model. TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows even supports external references, or "Xrefs," making editing more efficient and helping to keep drawings in synch.
Advanced Architectural Design
TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows provides architectural features unavailable in AutoCAD LT, including dynamic dimensions, markers, geo-location, a house wizard, architectural style manager, IFC import/export for simple BIM, and a range of parametric, ACA/ADT compatible architectural objects.
Programmable Through Ruby Scripting & SDK
Support for customization through Ruby scripting and the Software Developers' Kit allows for all sorts of routines, features, or full-fledged vertical applications to be developed and added right to the user interface.
Highly Compatible with Other CAD Formats
Over 30 industry-standard file formats are supported by TurboCAD LTE Pro V9 for Windows, with the ability to convert groups of files with the batch file conversion utility, all in one step.
  • Open and save DWG, DXF and DWF formats from AutoCAD R14 to 2015
  • Take advantage of superior workflow with Trimble MarkUp and SketchUp through version 2015
  • Import/Export files from PDF, 3D PDF, and Universal 3D (U3D) files
  • Utilize the MicroStation filter to open and save DGN files through v8

New Features

Architectural Design
  • Convert Roof Slabs: Take a classic TurboCAD roof and convert (explode) the roof to a set of roof slabs. This makes it more convenient to create and edit custom roofs (clipped gable roof, dormer, etc.)
  • Trim Roof Slab by Plane: Trim a Roof Slab by the plane of another object, such as other Roof Slabs, Standard Roofs, or Walls.
  • Multi-Landing Stairs By Polyline: Create multi-landing stairs from a 2D polyline
  • Improved Edit Roof Slope Rise/Run Support: The Edit Roof Slab Tool now includes an input field
  • Improved IFC Object Support: The IFC file filter, commonly used for BIM operations, now supports the Import/Export of Beam object types and Column object types
  • Improved House Wizard Tool: The house wizard tool, used to quickly layout a house plan - placing and sizing each room, drop-in closets, passageways, a garage, and even decking - now allows the ability to name each room while using the tool
Mechanical Design
Three new slot tools for inventors, woodworking and furniture design, including:
  • Slot
  • Circular Slot
  • Circular Slot By Center and Radius
Point Cloud Support
Tools to interpret a point cloud, a set of data points in some coordinate system. (In a three-dimensional coordinate system, these points are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, often intended to represent the external surface of an object.) These tools include:
  • Point Cloud Import/Export: Import or export a point cloud using .PCD and .XYZ formats
  • Point Cloud Triangulation: Extract a Surface from a point cloud data set
  • Subset Point Cloud: The ability to select a subset of an existing point cloud and create a separate entity
ISO Circle/Grid: Easily construct isometric circles
User Interface
Improved Conceptual Selector: Drag reference point and rotation bars with CTRL, and scale handles on boundary boxed as in classic mode
Highlighting (RedSDK Only): Highlight 3D objects and parts of 3D objects while using certain tools in RedSDK mode, including imprinting, quick pull & 3D mirror copying
Spaces: Manage all your spaces through the design director, including model space and all paper spaces, to handle spaces more efficiently than the tab interface allows
File Interoperability
Support for both U3D and .PRC (Product Representation Compact) file export, enabling the export of 3D content in PRC format, as well as support of RedSDK materials for improved 3D PDF export

This Product is Also Known As

  • TurboCAD LTE Pro for Win

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