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TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D for Mac: Complete 2D/3D Drafting & Modeling
TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D v11 for Mac is the complete precision design solution making it easy to design anything. Through a simple interface, use the design wizard to quickly layout floor plans, diagrams, and illustrations. Choose advanced architectural tools for 2D/3D home design or 3D surface and ACIS solid modeling tools for engineering designs. Online help, video tutorials, and user tips even help you improve skills. Perfect for architects, engineers, designers and more.

New Features

2D Geometric and Dimensional Constraints:
Dimension and constraint tools are now available to manage the geometric relationships between 2D shapes.
Feature Highlights:
  • Thirteen Geometric Constraints
  • Dimension Constraints
  • Variable and Equations
  • Constraint Animation
  • Auto Constrain
  • Animate Dimension and Constraints
Tool Icon Sizing
You can now modify a tool palette to use larger or smaller icons. Right click on the tool bar header to display a popup menu for "Change Icon Size". This menu now provides options for 64,32,24 and 16-pixel sized icons. The default icon size is 32x32.
Layer Duplicate
A new command to duplicate a layer and all the objects in that layer is now available through Concept Explorer. To access this command, place your cursor over the layer you want to duplicate, right click and select the Duplicate command. If you Duplicate a sub layer, the new duplicated layer is promoted to a first level layer.
SVG Import and Export
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. V11 now supports importing and exporting to this new format.
The new SVG Import/Export provides an alternative to using the Adobe Illustrator format for sharing vector based (scalable) graphics.
Note: For importing SVG files from Adobe Illustrator use a unit setting of mm (or inch) and a DPI setting of 72 to get the correct scale.
Simplify curves
Some design tasks prefer higher order curves such as arcs, circles, and/or ellipses over lines. For example, sharing data with a plasma or water jet cutting CNC system or extruding a profile into a solid and later adding edge treatments. V11 introduces the Simplify Curve tool to assist in this task. Covert Lines or Polylines into:
  • Arcs
  • Circles
  • Ellipses
  • Splines
3MF Import & Export
The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is a 3D printing format that allows design applications to send full- fidelity 3D models to other applications, platforms, services, and printers. Highlights of the TurboCAD implementation are listed below:
  • Supports UNIT description flag
  • Color Attributes
  • Textures (PNG, JPG) & UV Coordinates
  • Support for full color 3D Printing
VRML 2.0 Texture Support
VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) is a file format used to describe 3D interactive graphics for the world wide web. TurboCAD supports VRML Export.
OBJ Texture Support
THE OBJ file format was updated to supporting reading and displaying textures.
SketchUp 2018 Import/Export
SketchUp (TM) has introduced a new file format starting with their 2018 products. V11 has been updated to support the new format as well as supporting textures..
DXF/DWG 2018 Import/Export
This optional add-on extends in TurboCAD. Autodesk (TM) has updated the DXF/DWG format with the release of AutoCAD 2018. V11 has been updated to support the new format. Note: AutoCAD 2019 uses the same format as AutoCAD 2018..
PowerPack V11
Powerpack extends the feature set of TurboCAD/Shark with 70+ additional tools for Entity Management, 3DPrinting Editing/Repair, and Advanced Modelling. V11 adds the Mesh to Analytic tool to convert mesh data (STL, SketchUp) into precise solids.
  • Threads (Precise & Cosmetic)
    Threads are a common feature used in fasteners. Threads in TurboCAD are defined with the following parameters:
    - Inner Thread
    - Outer Thread
    - Pitch
    - Length
    - Starting location
  • Precise Threads - Accurately modelled threads via helix on ACIS models
  • Cosmetic Threads - Lightweight visual threads using OpenGL Textures.

Key Features

TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D v11 for Mac has all the powerful 2D drafting and design features of TurboCAD Mac Designer, as well as additional tools for creating 3D models and shaded view renderings. Plus, TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D v11 for Mac comes with dozens of features to enhance usability including:
  • 64-Bit Compatible to load, process, and render design of nearly any size
  • Context Sensitive Help System to get help with any tool instantly
  • 3D Connexion Space Mouse as well as traditional mouse support
  • Multi-step Drawing Wizard to quickly set up your drawing
  • Custom Toolbar Creation for quick access to your favorite tools
  • Markup and Redlining Tools for 2D or 3D objects
  • Layers and Layer Sets to organize and more easily edit your design

Valuable Content
Over 38,000 2D/3D symbols and parts are now included for AEC, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Plant and Piping design. Simply drag- and-drop to speed design. Hatch patterns and colors, as well as 2,000 new materials are also available.
The LogiCursor thinks like a drafter. It automatically knows where construction lines are typically wanted and displays them temporarily as you draw. Combine with snaps to quickly locate tangent and perpendicular points or align to x, y, z axis edges, faces or workplanes, making TurboCAD Mac ideal for modeling in 3D or quickly laying floorplans, diagrams and more.
Complete Set of 2D Drafting Tools
TurboCAD Mac offers a large selection of 2D tools, so that no matter the situation, you've got access to the right tool for the job. Included you'll find line, arc and curve tools as well as circle, ellipse, polygon, and spline tools. Conic tools allow users to easily obtain a curve generated by the intersection of a cone with a plane. Plus access text and dimensioning tools, fillet and chamfer tools, 2D modifier and transformation tools.
Mesh Modeling Tools
Create 3D mesh designs from multiple points. The Quad Mesh tools allow users to create primitives, extrusions, coverts, lathes, and meshes by points.
Surface Modeling Tools
Quickly model complex 3D objects with advanced design and modification tools. Primitives, complex and advanced surface tools, as well as surface modifiers and transformation tools are included.
ACIS Solid Modeling Tools
The powerful ACIS 3D solid modeling engine and file filters fully supports 64 bit DLLs to create realistic, complex 3D objects as well as data crucial for engineers.
History Free Editing
Easily move, scale or rotate the individual components of your parts without having to maintain a part-tree.
2D/3D Architectural Design Tools
TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D v11 for Mac includes a suite of tools to accelerate architectural design, including:
  • 1,000 pre-drawn floor plans you can customize to make your own
  • 2D/3D self-healing walls that automatically join, intersect, and update that auto-dimension, auto trim wall vertices, and automatically create openings when doors or windows are added.
  • Parametric Doors, 3 styles - Single, Single Standard, or Double
  • Parametric Windows, 3 styles - Overlapping Sill, Standard Sill and Tight Sill
  • Slab Tool that attaches slabs to existing walls. Control thickness and offset
Verify your Designs
A set of sophisticated surface analysis tools will help you maintain design integrity by providing critical information about your designs such as evaluating the smoothness of one or more surfaces, useful for identifying surface irregularities. Then choose from any of four curvature plot styles Gaussian, Mean, Min Radius and Max Radius.
Complete File Compatible & Conversion Options
Easily import your graphic designs files into TurboCAD and turn them into precision CAD drawings with dimensions. Just as easily, export technical drawings from TurboCAD to one of the many supported file formats to share your work. You can also use TurboCAD's powerful batch conversion tool to batch convert a collection of drawings to other file formats.
Import or export from these popular formats:
3DS, Adobe EPS, Adobe Illustrator (export only), Adobe Photoshop, BMP, AutoCAD 2013 DWG/DXF, IGS, JPG, PICT, PNG with alpha channel export, ACIS SAT, Spline, STL, STEP, TIF, TEXT, Truespace COB (import only). New Import Filters - EPS, Facet, PDF, PhotoShop, SketchUp, Export Filters - OBJ, VRML.
2D Printing
The Print by Layer Tool is extremely useful when you have multiple sets of data within one file that needs printing. For less complex jobs, use the Print Window option to simply drag the mouse over the area of your design you wish to print. Use page layouts to publish your design from up to 4 different view angles on a single page, controlling text size and more.
3D Printing Tools
TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D v11 for Mac offers a suite of tools to check and prepare a part for 3D Printing. These include a 3D Print Check, Surface Normals Check, Overhang Analysis, Wall Thickness, Preview Slices, Auto Position, Support Structure, Show Printer Volume, and Printer Definitions.
Record, Publish, & PDF
Record your screen with QuickTime Recording including audio capture for creating videos and tutorials. Save designs as single or multi-page PDFs for sending via email, or export to one of the many desktop publishing formats for placement in brochures and more.
Multi-threading Support
Multi-threading is a technique by which an operation can use several processors to complete the command. TurboCAD Mac Deluxe now uses multi-threading in the following workflow areas:
  • File Imports
  • Facet calculations for display lists
Updated ACIS R26 Modeling Kernel
IMSI - TurboCAD has updated the ACIS solid modeling engine by two major releases with improvements in the following areas:
  • Multi-threading of key features
  • Booleans
  • Constant and Variable Radius Blends
  • Direct Face Operations (used for Push/Pull)
  • Shelling
Updated BOM Dialog
Creating a Bill of Material (BOM) now has options for specifying the following table settings:
  • Font Type
  • Font Size
  • Number of Decimals
Updated Interoperability Components (IGES, STEP,SAT)
Precision data translators were developed by the world's foremost expert in Interoperability—Dassault Systems (creators of CATIA & SolidWorks). 3D Interop integrates advanced features such as Geometry Repair, Topology Repair, and Tolerance Resolution.
An exciting new feature in TurboCAD Mac v10 (Deluxe and Pro) is the introduction of 3D PDF data export. 3D PDF is a file format that is supported by Adobe allowing you to share CAD data with Acrobat Reader, a highly popular PDF viewer. The 3D PDF export has the following options:
  • Share facets or NURB data
  • Share 2D data (hatches, dimensions, curves, and text)
New KeyShot Live Linking Support
With KeyShot Live Linking, you can use TurboCAD Mac side by side with KeyShot to produce stunning renders. Our Live Linking implementation also introduces an industry first to create "Presentation Drawings".
  • Share mesh, surfaces, and solids
  • Option to share 2D annotation data as 3D
  • Materials assigned in KeyShot retained by object names
New Magnet Tool
Quickly snap one part to another with the new Magnet Tool. The part is moved from its current location, orientated, and centered within the selected face.
New Draw View Type for Easy Scaled Prints
Draw Views are now only dependent on the viewing area and layers. This is a change from previous versions where populating a New Draw View was accomplished by cutting and pasting objects. Additionally, new tools are introduced to dynamically pan and zoom the viewing area within a Draw View.

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