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GreyScaleGorilla Topcoat: Reflectance Made Easy for Cinema 4D

GSG Topcoat for Cinema 4DGSG Topcoat for Cinema 4D is a brand new texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes reflectance and adding realistic reflection to your scene easy and beautiful. Everything we see in the real world is a reflection. It's the most important part of any Maxon C4D texturing workflow.

Training Videos

Welcome To Topcoat For Cinema 4D
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TopCoat vs Reflectance
TopCoat Bumps Blurs Masks
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TopCoat Metals and Anisotropy
TopCoat Installation


Add Reflection The Easy And Fast Way
Greyscalegorilla built Topcoat to help designers and artists make beautiful realistic reflections in seconds, not minutes. Your reflections are the most important part of your render.
Render Fast Presets
Greyscalegorilla included 14 of Greyscalegorilla fastest and most beautiful render presets to help you speed up your workflow and your final render. Greyscalegorilla was able to figure out how to optimize the CINEMA 4D Physical Renderer in order to get you the best looking renders for the least amount of time.
Take The Hassle Out Of Reflectance
If you have tried to add reflection to many textures at once with Reflectance, you may have been disappointed. Topcoat gives you back the ability to add the same reflection to multiple materials. GSG Topcoat for Cinema 4D offers full Copy and Paste functionality for the reflectance channel so you can take a look you built on one texture and apply it to many textures all at once. Greyscalegorilla Topcoat Modifier tools allow you to change settings on multiple textures as well. No more digging through the reflectance menu just to adjust your fresnel or bump settings.
From Dull And Worn To Shiny And New
GSG Topcoat for Cinema 4D gives you many beautiful ways to add glossy and shinny reflections to your renders. But what you may not expect is the ability to add realistic procedural bumps and masks to each specific render layer to add the ultimate in realism. Add custom details to each layer and change them all together with the Modifier tools.
Car Paint
Make beautiful custom paint jobs in [4088CINEMA 4D using our exclusive click to layer system. No more laborious setup for beautiful layered images. Just shift click and layer up to 16 different coats of paint on any of your Cinema 4D models. We even have specialty layers like Metal Flake, specialty bumps, and custom masks to make each layer of Reflectance unique to your scene.

What's included

  • 8 CUSTOM TOPCOAT LAYERS to mix and match for custom looks
  • 6 MODIFIERS to Tweak your textures so they are just right
  • 20+ PROCEDURAL BUMPS AND TEXTURES to add to any reflectance layer
  • 12 CUSTOM MASKS to hide and reveal each layer
  • 14 RENDER FAST PRESETS to keep your render times low yet beautiful
  • REFLECTANCE TRAINING to help make your renders shine
  • ONE YEAR Of Updates And Customer Support

This Product is Also Known As

  • GreyScaleGorilla Topcoat for C4D

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