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Geo-PlusGeo-PlusVisionLiDAR StandardVisionLiDAR StandardSimplify, automate and organize your work. Access to Geo-Plus Client Portal and Live Technical Support included.BID-196-96833,795.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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VisionLiDAR Standard

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VisionLiDAR Standard

Simplify, automate and organize your work. Access to Geo-Plus Client Portal and Live Technical Support included.

VisionLiDAR Standard is designed to simplify and automate work for LiDAR point cloud processing in the air, on the ground and in motion. Import your data from any scanner and get qualitative and intelligent point cloud skimming, intelligent complex volume calculation with tetrahedrons (for overhangs) and many others.
With VisionLiDAR Standard, you now have a new and better way to acquire field data directly into your office. It offers many productivity and time saving tools like processing effectively over 5 billion points. Quickly and precisely calculate the volume between two surfaces, sections or complex volumes (overhangs), recognizing objects in a point cloud. Classify your points intelligently to avoid losing the original data. Its unique object classification method facilitates virtual land surveying. Accurately calculate the size and circumference of a pipe from a point cloud, making your land surveys from a vectorized point cloud. Process your land, mobile and air points with the same software and easily share your site surveys from the point cloud to your CAD and vice versa and many more.


  • Simplify Your Survey - Hide unwanted classes such as vegetation and get a better ground extraction to make surfaces.
  • Don't Go Back to The Field - With the mass of points you've collected in the survey, you won't need to go back to the field.
  • Points' Simplification - Import your large aerial and terrestrial point clouds, extract only the class and the regions you need and generate surfaces.
  • Enhance Your Visualisation - The magnifier will give you better details of where you're clicking and the edge enhancer will let you pick edges more easily.
  • Integrate Your Files - Share the same databases with your other Vision software solutions.
  • Go A Step Ahead - Vectorise horizontal edges automatically by creating survey points and lineworks.


Billions Points
VisionLiDAR Standard offers a powerful technology that allows to see and work with point clouds of many billions points, browsing in them swiftly and easily, without any lost.
External Database
Having an external database to store the points, linework, parcels, surfaces and others has many advantages. First, it lightens the point's cloud file. Second it accelerates process. Lastly, since the same database can be use with our many software solutions, it allows you to have the right software for the right person with the right cost.
Customized Standards
You have your own drawing standards and you want to keep them? No problems, all the tools are implemented for you to configure your own or you can select an already created one. In fact you can easily change from one standard to another allowing you to use the same data for two different ends by converting the standards and PCodes of a project. Keep a standard for all of your contractors and always deliver the right product for the right person.
With an external database stored on the server, multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. For instance, the field team can drop their data while the draftsman is currently working on one of the final plan and the surveyor is currently adjusting the old survey to the correct coordinates. Another person could also simultaneously do virtual surveying in VisionLiDAR to create linework for the draftsman to incorporate.

Main Features

Point classification
VisionLiDAR Standard brings the concepts of aerial point's classification to terrestrial LiDAR. This brings many advantages from better visualization and analysis by hiding unwanted classes such as vegetation and better ground extraction to make surfaces.
Automatic classification
Since common terrestrial LiDAR doesn't classify, Geo-Plus developed algorithms to automatically detect point's classification to detect ground, building, vegetation and others. This will simplify the work with classes and allows better managing the point cloud without any data lost.
Virtual surveying
Browse in the point cloud to pick your survey points and linework or measure needed distances and angles. With the mass of points you've collected in the survey, you won't need to go back to the field. All the information you need is in the point cloud and VisionLiDAR Standard gives you tools to extract it.
Surface management
Creating, editing and triangulating surfaces can be as fast and easy or as complex and meticulous as you need. Just select the points and breaklines you need, triangulate them and automatically create your boundary or go further in details to invert triangles, create holes simplify your points, carve the boundary, add different material layers, etc.
Complex volumes
With four different ways to calculate volumes, you can select the method you need between surface to surface, grid to grid, cross sections and solids and countercheck your result with another method to had weight to your proofs. With the surface to surface method, you can even see the cut and fills planimetrically to better judge your project. Our solid method allows you to calculate overhangs and complex solids and holes that would not be possible in standard volume calculation.
Points' simplification
Import your large aerial and terrestrial point clouds, extract only the class and the regions you need and generate surfaces by simplifying the point cloud and keeping only the important points that will reflect the surface behaviors. You can thus easily analyze the before and after of a project easily with your data and reuse the LiDAR files you have for other projects.
Magnifier and edge enhancer
VisionLiDAR Standard offers many ways to enhance your visualization. Two tools particularly useful are the magnifier that will give you better details of where you're clicking and the edge enhancer that let you pick edges more easily by contrasting those points with the rest of the surface.
Object removal
By extracting small parts of the cloud you can easily remove objects such as cars and people from your point cloud or simply change their class to keep the information without bothering the visualization.
Your point cloud have more information than meets the eyes. That's why we offer many different ways to visualize it. Point's intensity, RBG, classification, file origin and normal have all different usages for different needs and are all available very easily. Hide classes or scans, change their colors, record and replay visualization path fluidly within billions of points.
Point cloud merging
Your surveys are in different files and you want to merge them in one project? We offer a tool to help you synchronize your point clouds. Pick your control points easily, control your transformation by adding and suppressing control points as you want and merge them into one project that you can then divide as you would like.
Object vectorization
Virtual surveying will go a step ahead with automatic vectorization of objects. Currently, you can vectorize horizontal edges automatically creating survey points and linework, and many algorithms are yet to come.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VisionLiDAR Standard requires MicroStation, PowerDraft, BricsCAD.
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