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VisionLiDAR Ultimate by Geo-Plus, the best Land Surveying software
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This is a Rental of VisionLiDAR Ultimate

Simplify, automate and organize your work
The most complete Point Cloud software so far, VisionLiDAR Ultimate 6-Months Subscription allows to use 50, 100 and more billions of points.
It's now possible to visualize, process, classify, segment, animate, and edit Point Clouds in one single software: VisionLiDAR Ultimate. No more restriction based on a maximum number of points, VisionLiDAR Ultimate can read and process an infinite number of points to allow you to work with your massive Point Clouds in one single file. Process Point Clouds from ALS, TLS, and MLS for all your civil engineering, land surveying, architecture, BIM, transportation, mines, quarry, and forestry projects thanks to VisionLiDAR Ultimate.


  • Save Time - Classify your objects 3x faster and focus on the most important aspects of your projects, in just a few steps.
  • Save Money - Maximize your budget with a complete software. VisionLidar can easily replace more than 4 traditional solutions.
  • Enhance your Return On Investment - Get the most out of your investment from the 3rd month of usage, thanks to the efficient workflow VisionLiDAR Ultimate will help you acquire.

Main Features

Dynamic 3D Fence
The dynamic 3D fence allows you to select parts of your point cloud thanks to interior or exterior delimitation. It can be saved late and used with different tools like editing, deleting, exporting, segmentation, classification, surface analysis, dendrometry, plans, and cylinders detection. It's also possible to export parts of your point cloud into .E57, .LAS, .LAZ, and .PTS formats.
Adaptive cross section template
Vectorize complex 3D infrastructures with a few clicks. Roads, tunnels, and other 3D structures can be captured and converted to your CAD with the adaptive 3D and cross section template tool. Multiple alignments can be managed at the same time using different 3D templates. Cross section can be copied to the next station or interval. The user can select single or multiple points or vertex to visualize and adjust the selection to a 3D road, bridge, or tunnel. This tool also helps you create lineworks with feature codes, breaklines for surface exportation into .DXF or Shape File formats.
Image and videos creation
Create images, videos, and fly-through at a glance. Thanks to this tool, you can produce an image easily and save it in .PNG format. With a few clicks, create an intuitive time-based fly-through video in .AVI format.
Colors shading for surface analysis
Colorize surfaces like buildings, DTM, or any plans to visualize the deviation of the Point Cloud in different colors.
Model geometry
Extract contour lines, mesh, surfaces, planes, cylinders, trees, sidewalks, buildings, pavement lines, or any other model geometry to efficiently vectorize it, with or without a 3D fence constraint, into .DXF, shapefile, or Vision Database.
Point Cloud comparison
Compare a part of two entire scans and colorize the differences between them, and then export a .PDF report thanks to this powerful building monitoring with statistical offset tool.
Online visualization
Export to Potree to visualize and publicize your Point Cloud online. This tool allows you and your clients to easily view, measure, and annotate any Point Cloud from a Web browser.
Tree measurements
Select a region or a part of the Point Clouds using the 3D fence tool and automatically select and measure a tree height, trunk, size, crown surface, diameter, and breast height. You can also choose to apply a constraint on a bare earth surface or not.
Point Clouds Management
Segment and filter your Point Cloud using the layer tool up to 128 layers to isolate parts of your scans areas for detailed editing. Rename the layers in conformity using standards names like DOT CAD standard. Also visualize your Point Cloud in RGB, Normal, Scans, Intensity, Class, Wireframe, Shading, or Color Elevation. It helps you simplify your Point Cloud by eliminating non-clever points without diminishing it's accuracy.
Use a dynamic registration of Point Clouds tool to control your data using a least squares method.

Ultimate Plan Features

  • Import and export PTS, LAS, LAZ et 57
  • Dynamic viewing zooming, pan, rotation, vertical locking
  • Aerial, terrestrial and mobile all together
  • Classification, segmentation of point clouds
  • Registration with least square
  • View by RGB,Intensity, Normal,class, scan
  • View by wireframe or shading
  • View extraction in part
  • Simplification by grid
  • Intelligent 3D fence (inside or outside)
  • Measuring distance and angle detection
  • Building face analysis with PDF reporting
  • Color shading of elevation with PDF reporting
  • Automatic plan detection
  • Surface management
  • TIN and mesh
  • Contours
  • Dynamic 3D profile
  • Dynamic 3D cross section
  • Automatic tree measuring (Dendrometry)
  • Compare two scan with PDF reporting
  • web viewing (export to potree)
  • Export to dxf and shape file
  • Dynamic edge detection
  • loop magnifier
  • Fly through with output video AVI
  • Bare earth extraction
  • Image capturing in JPEG or PNG format
  • SQLite or access database connection
  • Points management with pcode standards from DOT
  • Points creation and selection
  • Cylinder detection
  • Connectivity chain point management
  • Alignment management with horizontal and vertical curves
  • Edge ( sidewalk, road) detection
  • Centerline detection
  • Powerline detection
  • Building footprint
  • Curb fitting
  • Line intensity detection
  • Surface management with holes, breaklines
  • Adaptive 3d template
  • Surface export into DXF, LandXML, VisionPLUS database
  • Alignment export to LandXML and VisionPlus database
  • Chains export to DXF or VisionPlus database
  • Tunnel 3d modeling
  • Road 3d modeling
  • Earthwork
  • Surface an volume surface calculation
  • Solid volume for overhang and verticals
  • Road geometry extraction from intensity
  • Aerial intelligent simplification
  • Aerial rooftop detection
  • Aerial classification management
  • Connectivity with AutoCAD, Microstation or BricsCAD
  • Field data calculation from total station
  • Field data calculation from GPS
  • Least square adjustment from field data
  • Point group management
  • Chain group management
  • Standards management for points, lines, chains
  • Notes and photos management
  • Topology Parcel manager
  • Dynamic building siting
  • Cogo functions
  • Import point from ascii file
  • DTM transformation UTM, MTM, Lat, Long, NADs
  • Curve manager
  • Lines intersections
  • Least square adjustment for points, lines, polygons, curves
  • Points drawing management
  • Preference management for surfaces, profiles, and sections
  • Alignment in 2D or 3D
  • Combined scale factor for distance, surface, and volume
  • Ground and grid distances
  • Multi task and users for database

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