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FXH HitFilm Pro
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New Release

FXH HitFilm Pro

FXH HitFilm Pro

The world's only all-in-one editing & VFX software

FXH HitFilm Pro effects are GPU-accelerated and optimized plugins for high performance and professional rendering quality. Can be installed with Vegas, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion, on two computers.

New in this version

3D models as particle textures
Ever wanted to generate fleets of spaceships or helicopters, procedural cities, swarms of creatures - all with full lighting support, shadow casting and self-shadowing? Now take any 3D model and plug it into the particle simulator to create visuals that simply were not possible before. And, of course, it's all rendered in the true unified 3D space, so you can composite your 3D particles in and around your other 3D layers.
Emit from layers
It's now easy to birth particles from actors, product logos or anything else. Any video, image or embedded comp layer can now be used as an emitter source, utilizing both alpha and color data into the particle generation.
3D camera projection
Ever found during an edit that there's that one extra shot you need which was never filmed? Or maybe somebody left camera equipment in view which needs removing? 3D camera projection provides solutions and redefines what you thought was possible.
Photoreal virtual shots
Take a photo of your set or location, convert it to a projected 3D scene and create an entirely new, photorealistic shot, complete with 3D camera movement.
Easy object removal
Create a clean reference frame, project it onto simple 3D geometry and use a 3D camera track to remove objects from moving camera shots. Perfect for switching from real to digital actors or objects mid-shot.
Total effect enhancement
Thanks to camera projection, effects such as pond ripples and the new rain on glass can now be applied realistically to any surface with accurate displacement.
Atomize your 3D models
Atomic particles are used to create incredible motion graphics animation. In HitFilm 3 Pro the effect can be applied directly to 3D models, creating an array of particles arranged according to the model's 3D geometry. You can still use all of atomic's features, such as audio- driven animation, fractal dispersion and layer maps, progressively exploding your models from one end to the other.
Auto-tracked masks
Nobody likes masking, especially if you have to rotoscope every frame. In HitFilm 3 Pro the entire masking system has been reworked to be faster, with mask tracking courtesy of the expanded mocha HitFilm.
The best of mocha
Need to track a moving object through your shot? Do it without any keyframing by exporting planar tracking data from mocha HitFilm and applying it directly to a HitFilm mask, saving hours of work.
Over 20 new effects
It wouldn't be a new version of HitFilm without a phenomenal array of brand new and upgraded effects. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Heat distortion: The atmospheric haze of a jet engine or a hot day can now be created using a single effect. The displacement and blurring seen in heat distortion is simulated with full control over appearance and behavior.
  • Audio spectrum & waveform: Visualize any audio layer as dynamic, highly customizable waveforms and spectrums. Switch between point, line and graph modes and tailor the appearance to your liking.
  • Rain on glass - Add droplets of water and wet streaks running down any surface in your shot, complete with realistic water diffraction and behavior.
  • Auto volumetrics: Create realistic volumetric light shafts, rendered in 3D so that you can move your camera through and around them. Combine with a 3D tracked camera move to enhance your on-set lighting.
  • Classic cine style: replicate retro film looks
  • Color cycle: customizable palette shifting
  • Color phase: offset individual color channels to fix balance issues
  • Duo tone: two-tone color washes
  • Environment map transform: easily shift your maps
  • Glow darks: generate glow specifically from dark regions
  • Custom gray: fine control over desaturation
  • Film grain: realistic, procedural grain
  • Lens blur: generate high quality bokeh from a depth map
  • Lens distort/undistort: correct or create lens distortion
  • Light leak: generate your own light leak patterns
  • New light flares: brand new flare designs
  • Split screen masking: super-fast video tiling
  • Two strip color: simulate the two-strip film process
  • Quad warp corner pin: the quad warp has been upgraded to work as a proper corner pin tool


Visual effects
3D particle simulator featuring integrated physics, dynamic forces, collision deflectors, a flexible texture system and full customization, all powered from the GPU.
Music-driven particle animation allowing the creation of stunning fractal animations from arrays of thousands of particles, with movement automatically timed to an audio track.
Lighting and lens effects, from customizable, automated lens flares to procedural anamorphic streaks and realistic lens dirt, are all in one place.
Color correction and Grading toolkit featuring a large collection of grading effects, from simple color correction to advanced color wheels.
Genuine 3D compositing
Animate, light and render 3D models inside FXH HitFilm Pro with integrated self-shadowing, shadow casting, motion blur and depth of field.
2D layered timeline combined with a fully 3D workspace enable superior 2D and 3D compositing.
Professional chroma keyer and extensive masking and matte enhancing tools to create perfect composites.
Super-fast optical flow feature tracking, planar camera solving from Imagineer Systems and 3D camera data support provide a fully comprehensive tracking environment
Combine FXH HitFilm Pro's dynamic, procedural and fully customizable effects to create 3D text and motion graphics.
A revolutionary work flow
Edit videos and create visual effects in the same interface, effortlessly switching from edit to VFX shots with a single click, like switching tabs in your web browser.
Use traditional trim and slice tools to cut movies, with the responsive viewer providing instant editing feedback.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of FXH HitFilm Pro requires :
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