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CAMback Standard
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CAMback Standard

CAMback Standard

Machine Networking and DNC

CAMback Easy supports the transfer of NC data like CNC programs to CNC machines. CAMback Standard is a functional extension for connecting CNC machines using a star-topology. The DNC software works universally, independent from the manufacturer of the machine control, and enables saving machine programs, tool data on regular PCs. In addition, NC programs can be stored and backed up on a PC server on the network.
By managing and storing data centralized, you prevent outdated programs to be used on machines in production. You can install the software yourself. With a serial interface card inside your computer and serial cabling between machines and computer or by using our COM-Servers with your existing Ethernet infrastructure, CAMback Standard will be ready to use immediately.
CAMback Standard is available in German and English.

Features and benefits

  • Management for unlimited number of CNC machines
  • Fully customizable machine specific transmission parameters
  • Reload-operation via interface handshake
  • Management of files and folders for CNC machines on PC-systems
  • Serial data transmission to CNC machines via up to 16 serial interfaces / Ethernet / WiFi / TCP/IP
  • Integrated editor for creating and editing CNC programs on the computer
  • For multiple use, independent of control-type manufacturer (e.g. Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens)
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