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Carbon Scatter 2015
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Carbon Scatter 2015

Carbon Scatter 2015

The Power of EcoSystem with Native Instancing

Carbon Scatter 2015 allows you to scatter millions of instances in seconds - create wind-swept forests or animated crowds and render them directly inside 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D. With super-fast population algorithms (create over 1 million instances per second!), Carbon Scatter 2015 adds compatibility with animated PlantFactory vegetation, new paint brushes (add instances, jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean, ...), convert to native instances for rendering without Carbon Scatter (and with any renderer), native support for V-Ray 3 and GPU rendering (Octane, V-Ray RT, etc.), easy specimen replacement and a lot more!

New in This Version

  • Load PlantFactory Vegetation into your EcoSystems (Support for the PlantFactory file format requires Carbon Scatter Pro)
  • Import animated PlantFactory plants (duration and frame rate are user-definable)
  • Ability to choose up to 4 variations per plant (standard CSVEZ plants and new TPF plants), after saving them to the CSPLT format
  • Replace any specimen in a population by another specimen (native object or Carbon Scatter plant)
  • Save EcoSystem materials
  • Two levels of detail for plants in the foreground and in the background (distance to camera threshold is user-definable)
  • New EcoSystem Painter, with advanced brush editor
  • Redesigned Function Editor for improved performance on modern computer displays
  • Compatibility with Team Render (C4D Network Rendering)
  • Improved the display quality of billboards in real-time previews for CS/TPF plants
  • Convert your Carbon Scatter populations to native instances in 3ds Max and Cinema4D
  • Compatibility with V-Ray 3 and with V-Ray RT

Top Carbon Scatter 2015 Benefits

Population Technology
  • Non overlapping instances
  • Patented EcoSystem technology!
  • Variations of instances with SolidGrowthCS plants
  • Animated instances
Powerful Layering System
  • Stack multiple EcoSystem population layers
  • Add multiple objects to each layer
  • Control affinity between layers
Advanced Instancing
  • Control density, size, orientation, etc. of instances
  • Advanced fractal algorithms for natural populations
  • Full control of population parameters using graphs
  • Image based populations
Interactive Instance Painting*
  • Paint onto objects or in the global EcoSystem
  • Paint at any angle, including under objects
  • Native rendering using V-Ray or MentalRay
  • Render millions of instances
  • Multithreaded, renders using all your CPUs
User Interface
  • Accurate preview using boxes, bilboards or full geometry
  • Easy to use interface
  • Direct access to instance materials
  • Cull instances outside of camera frustrum

This Product is Also Known As

  • Carbon Scatter

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Carbon Scatter 2015 requires :
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