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Vue Esprit 2015
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Vue Esprit 2015

Vue Esprit 2015

The Artist's Choice - Create and Animate Natural 3D Environments

Vue Esprit 2015 is the essential 3D application for artists & illustrators. Vue Esprit 2015 is focused on intuitive workflow, advanced rendering features and extended Poser integration. With a clear, uncluttered interface and state of the art features, Vue Esprit 2015 combines sophistication with ease of use. With Vue's renowned natural 3D tools and unique render quality, you'll be creating inspiring 3D art in any style.

New in This Version

  • New World Coordinate System transcription when importing/exporting Nuke .CHAN files*.
  • Improved camera synchronization data import (FBX* and .dat).
  • Automatic detection of source software when importing .obj meshes, and automatic updating of scale and orientation.
  • Compatibility with FBX pixel aspect ratio when loading/exporting FBX* files.
  • Improved resize/center objects option when importing FBX* files (cameras and scenes).
  • Possibility to import FBX* data at non-zero time.
  • Simplified display of Vue Esprit 2015 published parameters.
  • *Compatibility with .FBX and .CHAN formats is only available in VUE xStream

Key Features and Benefits

Atmospheric Engine
Beauty, mystery, mood... atmospheres are key players in art. From romantic sunsets to bright blue skies, from realistic clouds to amazing sci-fi environments, Vue Esprit 2015 lets you create them all, with four different atmosphere models to choose from, incredibly realistic spectral clouds, and fantastic rendering quality.
From the darkest underworld to the brightest fairy land, from hyper-real visualizations to sci-fi effects, it is through lighting that you define style and create impact. Lighting in Vue Esprit 2015 is truly exciting — with a rich and varied toolset and the most up-to-date technologies, Vue Esprit 2015 will let you light up your scene any way you want.
Creating dazzling art with Vue Esprit 2015 is easier than ever before, with new and exciting rendering features and an even better render quality and speed. So whatever your style, your images are definetely going to shine.
Plants and Terrains
The sheer complexity of nature with all its mountains, canyons, rivers, plants, and tress seems so impossibly hard to re-create in 3D but becomes simple with Vue Esprit 2015. Based on years of knowledge and revolutionary technologies, Vue Esprit 2015 gives you state-of the art tools to create any type of terrain, from soaring mountains to lunar surfaces, and to cover your terrains with any style of vegetation, from strikingly realistic trees to completely out-of-this-world sci-fi plants.
Modeling Tools
Looking for a super-easy way to create professional quality 3D titles? Need to quickly model some houses for your scene? In addition to its specialized scenery creation tools, Vue Esprit 2015 offers a user-friendly 3D text editor, non-destructive Boolean modeling, and organic Metablob modeling. More creative freedom right out of the box!
Fly over mountains, drive through canyons, and walk through cities -- you really don't have to be a seasoned animator to create stunning animations in Vue Esprit 2015. Kick in the animation wizard, choose a motion type, draw a path, and get ready for a breathtaking cinematic experience.
Materials and Texturing
Any 3D scene, no matter how well constructed, will be blank and lifeless without materials such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, or water. Vue Esprit 2015 was created as one of the most powerful material systems around, with three levels of editing to fit the proficiency of any artist, from first timers to 3D experts. Vue Esprit 2015 is loaded with hundreds of preset materials in different categories, with lots of new ones to boot.
Poser Integration
The combination of Poser and Vue Esprit 2015 has always been a favorite choice for many artists. Vue Esprit 2015 strengthens this bond with even better Poser integration and tools. Rendering your characters in lush, eye-catching environments using state-of-the-art technologies has never been so easy.
Power and East-of-Use
Powerful features shouldn't necessarily translate into a steep learning curve. Vue Esprit 2015 is designed around this principle, with a clear, uncluttered interface and an intuitive workflow. New features and tools have been added to make your creative environment even more productive and easy to use.
Import and Export
Vue Esprit 2015 lets you import any 3D and 2D content such as buildings, props, animals, vehicles, humans, and more in the widest possible range of formats. With state-of-the-art import filters, adding content to your Vue scenes is easy and straight-forward.
Expansion Modules
The expansion modules are designed for advanced artists who seek enhanced control and functionality in Vue Esprit 2015. Each of the five modules adds new features and tools in a specific area of the program: Plants, lighting, asset management, network rendering and EcoSystems. This modular approach lets you conveniently enhance Vue Esprit 2015 only in those areas where you need additional power.
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