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DOSCH Textures: Character Designer V2

Create those indispensable details which make 3D-characters look absolutely realistic and believable.

DOSCH Textures: Character Designer V2With the texture elements provided by DOSCH Textures: Character Designer V2 you are able to create the indispensable details which make 3D-characters look absolutely realistic and believable. Any 3D-figures can be aged and unique features added. The end results are believable, almost lifelike virtual characters created with amazingly little effort and time expense. Version 2 of the products provides many new elements- and now includes the products Medical Details - Human Eye and Dosch Textures: Animal & Creature Eyes.
You are able to use the texture elements to create your unique characters. This product gives you a completely new dimension of creative freedom - and will stay a powerful resource for all your character needs for a long time. It does not matter if you want to create a lifelike human character or an alien that comes directly out of your phantasy - you will have the right elements to breath life into your characters.
The elements contain the following items: chin pores, eyelid, eye tissues, fingerprint, foreheads, lips, muscles, skin for the neck, noses, scars, skin pores, scratches, wounds and many more. The elements are provided as Photoshop (PSD)-files - and the eye textures are provided as JPEG images. That means you are able to create your texture- and bump-maps for any 3D-application.
All Character Designer elements are useable royalty-free for any commercial production.

Library Models File Formats

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PSD - Adobe Photoshop.psd.psd Models
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DOSCH Textures: Character Designer V2
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