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100 skies for your 3D-scenes.
DOSCH 3D: Surrounding Skies - V2DOSCH 3D: Surrounding Skies - V2 includes 100 high-resolution surrounding skies, which are provided as hemispheric and panoramic sky depictions. The images offer a rich source of various realistic "sky moods" like blue sky, sun rise/set, cloudy, stormy or "threatening" sky.
The surrounding skies are provided in the TIF and JPG formats - so they are useable in nearly any 3D-design and CAD application. Sample 3D-objects for hemispheric and panoramic skies are also included in the following formats: 3DS, LWO (Lightwave), OBJ and C4D.
Special feature: 10 animated and infinitely loopable panoramic sky-depictions.
Additionally, the hemispheric skies are also provided as special versions for conic projection. So you are prepared for all needs of panoramic sky creation.
Resolutions of the different sky depictions:
  • Hemispheric: 6.000 by 2.000 pixel
  • Conic: 2.000 by 2.000 pixel
  • Panoramic: 8.000 by 2.000 pixel
  • Animations: 1.024 by 163 pixel, 450 frames

Library Models File Formats

File FormatExtensionsSearch
3DS - 3D Studio.3ds.3ds Models
C4D - Maxon Cinema 4D.c4d.c4d Models
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group.jpg.jpg Models
LW - Lightwave.lw, lws, .lwo.lw Models
OBJ - Alias WaveFront.obj.obj Models
TIFF - Tag Image File Format.tif, .tiff.tif Models

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