DOSCH 3D: Animated Humans for CINEMA 4D

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10 animated human 3D-characters for Cinema4D.

The depiction of animated human characters in 3D-scenes becomes ever more important in visualizations, animations and illustrations, and by now constitutes a considerable part of 3D-design. DOSCH 3D: Animated Humans for CINEMA 4D contains 10 3D-humans (5 female, 5 male), each in 4 clothing variations (incl. one nude version).
The 3D-humans include the complete inverse kinematics, and each of the 40 3D-humans (10 x 4 clothing variations each) already comes with a set of 15 ready-to-use animations (walking, running, sitting, standing up etc.). Use the animations "out of the box" or create any other new animation by moving the "bones" of the 3D-characters.
The highly detailed 3D-models feature all relevant textures while providing the option of using ones own textures as well. Close-ups of the face, hair, hands etc. can be done with superior quality.
The animated 3D-models are provided in three versions: 1) for Cinema4D version 7 and above 2) for Cinema4D version 8.5 up to 11 3) for Cinema4D version 13 and above => this version can also be used in Cinema4D Version 12 Each version is optimized for Cinema4D and fully uses the available features to create amazing effects.

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