20 HDRIs of exciting skies

DOSCH HDRI: Theatrical SkiesDOSCH HDRI: Theatrical Skies contains 20 HDRIs of exciting skies.
The resolution of the Spherical Map HDRIs is 10,000 x 5,000 pixel. Radiosity - and therefore the use of HDRIs is directly supported in many 3D-applications like Lightwave (version 6.0 and higher), Softimage|XSI, Maya & Mentalray, Pixar RenderMan, Bryce 6, Autodesk VIZ, messiah:render (Arnold), InSight (Integra), 3ds Max & VRay, 3ds-max & Brazil r/s (Splutterfish), Cebas' finalRender for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D Version 8.1 and more.
For further HDRI-rendering tools options the documentation of the used 3D-program should be consulted.
Each HDR image is provided in the industry standard .HDR. So they are usable in most rendering applications.

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DOSCH HDRI: Theatrical Skies
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