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Data Translator: IGES 3D to STL

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Standalone translator from IGES to Stereolithography (STL)

Data Translator: IGES 3D to STL is a highly efficient standalone translator from IGES 3D files to STL files.
This is the ideal product for those that need to convert IGES 3D models into STL for editing, plotting or migration purposes.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables accurate and convenient CAD data transfer from IGES 3D to STL
  • Significantly reduces cost of CAD data transfer as translator executes on Windows
  • Guarantees the integrity of the translated data
  • Easy to install and use
  • Provides superior translation performance

This Bundle Includes

CrossManager Foundation Package
CAD Conversion Engine
Standalone software that converts files from most CAD formats. Included formats: PDF 2D/3D, IGES 3D, STEP and DXF 2D. For more formats please consider Datakit Readers and Datakit Writers.1,000949Add to Cart Product 4363
Writer for CrossManager - STL 3D File FormatCreate a STL 3D file from any CAD file in CrossManager1,000949Add to Cart Product 4405
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DatakitDatakitData Translator: IGES 3D to STLData Translator: IGES 3D to STLStandalone translator from IGES to Stereolithography (STL)DTKT-37003700+1 (415) 848 9018