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PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1

497 worksheets to provide you with the tools you need to solve bigger problems

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The PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1consists of 497 worksheets across various disciplines to provide you with the tools you need to solve bigger problems, faster. Whether you're just getting started with PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0, or you are an expert, these worksheet collections give you the head start you need to get your job done faster!

Worksheet categories included
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Calculus,Statistics, and Data Analysis
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • And more!

Worksheet Collections

Building Thermal Analysis (45 Worksheets)
The Building Thermal Analysis worksheet collection covers topics like conduction, convection, solar radiation, thermal radiation, and heat flow for infrastructure including walls, windows, rooms, pipes, inclined surfaces, boilers, and chimneys. More advanced worksheets solve transient models for single walls and entire Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Building Structural Design (33 Worksheets)
This worksheet collection contains a wide range of structural design problems. These worksheets demonstrate how PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 can solve basic structural design problems within a well-documented report. The worksheets follow regulating building and design codes like the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standards. Shear and moment curves for beam loading; design of columns, flat plates, base plates, retaining walls, and footings; and wind and seismic loading are some of the worksheet topics.
Chemical Engineering (22 Worksheets)
This set of PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1cover topics including fluid flow, phase changes, heat exchangers, vaporizers, and pressure drops for cases involving both liquids and gases. More advanced worksheets include model PID controllers heating a tank of liquid, solve fluid dynamic problems in both parallel and series, and use the McCabe-Thiele Method for binary distillation.
Custom Functions (6 Worksheets)
These custom functions enable the user to take a PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1and write STL, DXF, HDF5, and C++. Users can turn mathematic models in their PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1into 3D renderings using WriteSTL and WriteDXF. User also can export PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 matrices as C++ code to assist in the verification of FORTRAN or C++ codes. Users gain the ability to develop and distribute custom functions. This means legacy code (C, C++, and FORTRAN) can be wrapped as additional Mathcad Prime 3.0 functions.
Differential Equations (62 Worksheets)
The Differential Equations worksheets will provide the user with an overview of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The worksheet collection is designed to show the user where ODEs come from and how to solve them in PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1. Topics covered include: boundary conditions, first and second order differential equations, homogeneous and nonhomogeneous differential equations, Euler's Method, Eigenvalues, linear and nonlinear differential equations, Bessel functions, and Legendre polynomials.
Electrical Power Systems Engineering (35 Worksheets)
This worksheet collection carries out common design calculations for electrical power systems. Power transmission and distribution, power system protection, and power system electrical transients are the three major topics discussed. PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 capabilities including complex arithmetic, matrices, equation solving, and plotting are showcased while tackling these problems.
Finite Element Beginnings (152 Worksheets)
The Finite Element Beginnings collection is comprised of six chapters that cover the finite element method. This method is a numerical analysis technique used to obtain solutions to the differential equations that describe a wide variety of physical and non-physical problems. The six chapters cover: finite element beginnings, the discrete approach, finite elements of elastic continua, element interpolation and shape functions, mapped elements, and the method of weighted residuals.
Mathcad Prime Tutorials with Physics Examples (22 Worksheets)
This set of PTC Mathcad Worksheet Library - Volume 1walk users through elementary physics problems while teaching them the basics of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1. Upon completion of the tutorials, the user will be able to: write equations that contain constants, variables, and units; solve and graph equations; statistically analyze a set of data; and linearly fit a set of data.
Miscellaneous Worksheets (65 Worksheets)
This worksheet collection is a good resource for a user of any discipline as it contains material for wide range of applications. These applications include Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering in addition to topics including data regression, complex numbers, solving systems of equations, financial risk management, and response surface modeling.
Programming in PTC Mathcad 3.0 (29 Worksheets)
This set of programming worksheets show the user the opportunities for programming with PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1. Many of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0's computational and connectivity features are discussed throughout the set. Programming worksheets cover for and while loops; if, else, and else if statements; and continue, break, and return operators.
Topics in Electrical Engineering (26 Worksheets)
These worksheets perform common design calculations from several branches of electrical engineering. These branches include circuits, feedback analysis, signal processing, transfer functions, and electromagnetics. These worksheets illustrate how PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 is a useful tool for solving a user's electrical engineering problems.



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