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Works Perfectly

So happy i found out about this Website! saved me like $100 or so on my Upgrade from Core to Zbrush Full! now i finally own Zbrush, forever! it only took them an hour or so to ask for the Core Key, and then like 3 or so to deliver the CD Key for the Upgrade, only bad point i could give was no instructions on how to Redeem, but Pixologic told me how, so other than that, absolutely perfect.


Took them about a day to send my key via Email but it works perfectly. Easy instructions on using it.

No Problems

I am happy with NOVEDGE and recommend using their store. The order did take a few hours to process but I guess that is because I was upgrading from ZBrushCore to Zbrush. So I expect that is what held it up. Overall though, good! I am really happy to have ZBrush full now. ZBrushCore is ok but after using it for a few months I upgraded because of a program error. ZBrushCore is ok but you get what you pay for. ZBrush is sooooo cooooool!

Great Service

The service is great, it is legit!
One thing I should note - if you order during the night be sure to realize they process orders during business hours. So you'll have to wait - the system isn't instant automated.
You order it and during their business hours they'll email you and tell you to send your ZBrush Core serial to the proper place and then it's handled from there.

Overall a very smooth process and I'm happy with it.

Great Option for ZBrush Upgrading!

Legit upgrade with all the fixins! Any little bit that you can save with this beauty is helpful. I greatly appreciate this opportunity. The files came very quickly as well so I was up and running the full version within about 30 minutes. Very impressed and would highly recommend. Great program and great place to buy it from! A+