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Real-time Messaging inside Revit

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RevitCommunicator is a turbo-charged messaging  interface for BIM 360 Docs.

It uses the power of Revit to tie your team conversations to any model element or 2D drawing component. Because of this unique association with object elements, users of RevitCommunicator are able to participate in numerous design or engineering related conversations in parallel. Dramatically increasing the rate at which decisions are made and issues completed and closed.

The entire team moves much faster with RevitCommunicator and helps leverage the power of your content stored in BIM 360 Docs, from right inside Revit. 

Main Features



Real-time Messaging inside Revit

Message team members in real-time in the team group or privately.

Conversations are pinned to a model element ID (in any BIM 360 Doc file) in any file version and can be navigated via the file explorer or the active 3D model.

Participate in many active parallel discussions taking place in the areas of your model where attention is most needed.

Send Files & Families

Send any content (.rfa, .rvt, .ifc, .png etc) to any team member Revit-to-Revit.

Members can drag & drop content to the local machine, to the Revit project browser or place directly in the active model.

Enabling super fast, focused collaboration between members inside Revit.


Issue Management in Revit

Issues created in BIM 360 Docs and those created in RevitCommunicator are always in synch. All are displayed in RevitCommunicator right inside Revit.

Issues are associated with any model element ID or file version, making model iteration and resolution fast and focused.

Track team member performance and output and be notified if the team is performing as it should.

File Version Control

Your BIM 360 Docs hierarchy is displayed inside RevitCommunicator for active collaboration.

Files and file versions uploaded to RevitCommunicator are automatically synched with your BIM 360 Docs hierarchy and vice-versa. They are constantly in synch.

With RevitCommunicator communications take place on any model element, across any file or file version, inside any BIM 360 Docs project, inside Revit

Additional Features

  • Contextual Conversations
  • Screenshot Sending
  • Exportable Transcripts
  • BIM 360 Docs Synch & Imports
  • 2D & 3D Support
  • Email / Phone / Video Support
  • Phone / Video Training

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