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Scan&Solve Pro for Rhino - Academic Lab License 30 Seats - Subscription

Completely automates structural simulation of Rhino solids and bonded assemblies

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For users of Rhino who share the vision of seamless integration between geometric design and physical simulation. Scan&Solve Pro for Rhino Academic Lab License 30 Seats is a plugin that performs linear stress analysis on solid models constructed in or imported into Rhino. No meshing or conversions are required and no prior knowledge of analysis or finite elements is needed.


Scan&Solve Pro for Rhinorequires a functional Windows installation of Rhino 4 or Rhino. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Rhino 5 are supported. Scan&Solve Pro for Rhinosoftware for engineering analysis from Intact Solutions is based on a patented meshfree technology that liberates Finite Element Analysis (FEA) from the dependence on and limitations of meshing. The salient feature of the technology is separate handling and controls of geometric and physical computational models that are seamlessly combined at solution run time. The advantages of this approach include unprecedented flexibility in handling geometric errors, small features, complex boundary conditions, and interfaces, while maintaining most of the benefits of classical FEA.

Ease of Operation Within Rhino

To use Scan&Solve Pro for Rhino, simply follow these steps:
  • Select the material (standard or custom)
  • Apply the restraints
  • Apply the new load types by selecting Body at the command line for body loads OR by selecting faces to load and specify torque
  • Click Go
  • View the results (strength, weakness, deformations)
  • Click Report to generate web-ready reports
  • Click Bake to save the deformed shape

Using Scan&Solve

A simple tutorial on how to set up and run a simulation on Scan&Solve Pro.


Webinar 1: During this first webinar in our current Scan&Solve series we demonstrate the ease with which bonded assemblies of components may be simulated using multiple. 
Webinar 2: In the second webinar in our current Scan&Solve™ Pro series we look at simulation with more advanced materials.

How set up an Scan&ampSolve Pro multi-material simulation 

Note: Screen images and reports will clearly indicate that the academic version is not suitable for commercial use. The usage terms are similar, but not identical, to the academic license usage for Rhino.

Lab licenses can be installed on any number of machines; the restrictions is that only 30 computers per license can be using the software simultaneously.


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