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CHOPS Licensed Character Rental - Subscription

CHOPS Character Rental for 3D Digital Puppeteer

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CHOPS Licensed Character Rental Subscription allows you to bring 3D characters to life in real time from behind the scenes like the Wizard of Oz, with automatic lip sync, animations and facial expressions controlled by Wacom pen/tablet devices. CHOPS Licensed Character Rental is a Windows 10 software designed by a professional Digital Puppeteer artist to make characters entertaining, fun and attractive, without a lot of additional gear and distractions. Users can rent from the CHOPS character library or have their own characters prepared for use on the CHOPS Licensed Character Rental system.

New in This Version

Virtual Sliders Control Expressions and Gestures
Each character has its own set of phonemes, facial expressions and gestures which are operated (puppeteered) from the digital tablet via a virtual control layer, as sliders ranging from 0 to 100%. The expressions include emotions (Happy, Sad, Angry, etc.) as well as Hands Up, Wave and many more.
Complete Audio Mixer and Spy Camera Management
All audio source and output functions are done in software, along with digital delay, so no audio components other than a headset, mic and webcam are needed to do a show. Outputs point to HDMI and USB devices and can be configured in real time while the character is being animated. High-quality mics can be connected via USB devices instantly.
Easily Animate Characters with Perfect Eye Contact
Control where the character looks via industrial joystick, game controller joystick or D-Pad with a full range of motion of the eyes. Blinks and winks can be automatic or manual from the keyboard. Background colors and camera angles are also selectable at the touch of a key.
Rent Our Characters for Your Event
CHOPS has created about two dozen different virtual characters (also known as "avatars") for its public library. Each of these copyrighted characters can be licensed and rented for special events or permanent installations. CHOPS has created Dancing Babies, Virtual News Anchors, "My Fish People," "SyberSanta" and many more, all suitable for everything from corporate general sessions to Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Character licensing is separate from software subscriptions. No characters are included with a system subscription. Also, CHOPS can create your custom privately-owned characters for you.
Preset Camera Positions Allow Quick Cuts
Each character has its own set of camera positions, scenes and lighting to enhance the storytelling process. With a keyboard press, the operator can switch cameras, change background colors and display pre-prepared video content.
Media Controller for Video, Stills, Sound Effects
CHOPS Licensed Character Rental has ten "slots" (1-0 on the keyboard) for each media type, and files can be changed with a simple key press at any time during a presentation. You can make your own background and overlay videos and stills with AVI files from Adobe Premiere and After Effects, alpha channel PNG files and JPGs, including content from PowerPoint slide decks. WAV and OGG audio files are supported as sound effects or speech clips that can be spoken by the avatar.
Configure Your Output Resolution and Orientation
Any output video resolution and either portrait or landscape orientation can be selected from the set-up menu. All characters and scenes show frame rates above 45 fps, zero artifacts and high-end anti-aliasing when using NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro and some AMD Radeon GPU dedicated graphics cards.
ScreenServer Connects Two Computers Via Ethernet
Bring the contents of one computer or laptop into the background of your character's scene with this lightweight app that uses a LAN connection via network switch or Ethernet connection. You can even get two characters in one scene together by connecting two systems, and having the scene from one animation system serve as the background of the other. Anything can be shared across the LAN, including web browser activity and software demos, without the need for green-screens or video switchers.
Custom Character Creation Available
We create custom characters in Autodesk 3D Max, complete with facial morph targets, biped rigging and animation, motion capture via Kinect (when needed) and even high-end studio mocap when the project calls for it. 




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3D Digital Puppeteer
Animate high-res 3D characters in real-time at shows, special events, permanent installations.

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