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1-2-3D Office for AutoCAD

Design an office space easily and quickly. For AutoCAD 2000-2016

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Architects, Facility Managers and Glazed Partition Manufacturers, should consider the advantages of working with 1-2-3D Office for AutoCAD. This 3D office partition and furniture generator makes the task of designing an office space easy and fun. 3D visualization has been always a big plus for clients, for understanding and reviewing the project.

This Product is available in Imperial Units or in Metric Units.

How it Works

  • By picking 2 points, or 1 point and a distance, 3D modular partitions can be drawn as fast as you draw a line.
  • 15 types of Glazed/Solid panel designs, will satisfy your project needs. You will be able to design your modular partition real fast, by typing the desired Head and Chair Rail heights.
  • Adjustment (Fitting) panels are automatically drawn.
  • Low height partitions (i.e. boxed workstations) can be easily designed.
  • Distances are considered between mullion centerlines.
  • Single and double doors with selected size and swing can be inserted on partition openings.
  • Each partition module and door has its own ID tag, which is inserted and filled automatically.
  • A handy set of 3D office furniture is provided through a fast insertion method.
  • Use the Room tag function for room identification.
  • All elements are suitable to receive materials and textures.
  • For a graphical description download the Metric or Imperial 1-2-3D_Office-Tutorial files (tabloid size)

Key Features

  • 15 types of partition panels, 3 sizes
  • 45 different combinations
  • Pull-down menu
  • Automatic Fitting Panels
  • Automatic snaps for faster drawing
  • Automatic ID tags with attributes
  • 3 types of doors
  • 11 types of 3D Office Furniture furnished in editable blocks
  • Each element has its unique layer
  • Imperial units or Metric Units
  • Final model suitable for rendering
  • Imperial and Metric Graphical Tutorials
  • AutoCAD 14 to 2017 compatible
  • Consult for custom profiles & sizes



Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of 1-2-3D Office for AutoCAD requires:


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