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3DR Site Scan Pro Package - Subscription

3DR Site Scan: Drone data software platform for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, designed for enterprise scale deployment

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3DR Site Scan Pro Package 1-Year Subscription includes:

  • Platform access to Site Scan Manager and Field
  • (2) Operator License
  • (3) Access License
  • Unlimited flights per year
  • Unlimited photos per flight
  • Unlimited job processing with Pix4D and Autodesk ReCap
  • Unlimited, secure cloud storage
  • Unlimited View-only licenses
  • Autodesk BIM 360 integration and file format exporting into Esri ArcGIS and Autodesk AEC Collection ecosystems

Essentials Customer Success includes:

  • Standard Customer Success
  • Phone and email support (9am - 5pm PST, M-F)
  • Onboarding / Training


Automatic upload & processing
Drone imagery is automatically uploaded to the cloud where it is processed into high-resolution orthomosaics, point clouds and more.
Analyze project data
Built specifically for AEC teams, our suite of analytics tools provides clear insights from your drone data.
Multi-Engine Processing
Process drone photos into high-resolution orthomosaics, elevation models, point clouds, 3D meshes, and more with both Pix4D and Autodesk ReCap. Export data into native Autodesk file formats—includng RCS and RCM—along with common formats such as OBJ, LAS, and TIFF. Generate detailed processing reports from Pix4D with checkpoints to measure accuracy.
Ground Control Points
Site Scan offers unlimited ground control point processing to create accurate deliverables. With our cloud-based user experience, you can enter and tag GCPs five times faster than any other product.
Easily perform volume measurements to make earthwork projects easier and cheaper than ever before. See precise stockpile measurements in 3D and compare it to multiple base plane options. View volume reports to track cut and fill calculations and net volume changes over time.
Point Cloud Analysis
View and analyze rich point clouds with a click. Measure distances, angles, areas, height, and set markers to see a high-res elevation profile in seconds.
With a proven track record of safety and security, Site Scan is the drone platform of choice for enterprise and government projects. 3DR is the only enterprise drone company undergoing strict SOC 2 certification. Customers have complete ownership of data, which is securely stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the US.

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