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3D PDF Maker for Revit

Create 3D Multimedia and Dynamic documents with Revit

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3D PDF Maker for Revit is a software application that creates 3D interactive documents in an easy way connecting directly to . If you don't have the Revit 2020 software in your PC, you will still be able to process the files exported from other Revit2020.

3D PDF Maker for Revit is the software application that allows to create 3D interactive documents very easily with the program directly linked to Revit 2020 , you can achieve the same result even if you don't have the AutoCAD software installed in your PC.

Thanks to the straightforward 3D PDF views link system, it is up to you to choose how your project will be presented. To view created PDF files, you simply need to make use of the free standard Adobe Reader which is most likely already installed on your PC. Clicking on the inserted links, you switch between different model views.

For each of your 3D PDF views, you can set the required options: frame properties, orthogonal or perspective projection, rendering modes, additional lighting, background color, cross sections, 3D multimedia comments and dimensioning.

3D PDF Maker for Revit makes it easy to protect your project sensitive data. The person receiving your PDF documents may view 3D models but cannot make use of the project data which are not stored in the PDF file.


  • Converter from DWG, DXF, U3D and PDF
  • Insert 3D models in the existing conventional PDF files
  • Edit and save multiple views of a 3D model
  • Edit and save the model parts visibility for each view
  • Insert links in the model views
  • Insert and delete PDF pages
  • Rotate PDF pages
  • Immediate Preview in Adobe Reader
  • Note, Dimension, link to multimedia files by means of Adobe Reader

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