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V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D

V-Ray for Cinema 4D with 15 Nodes: Advance physically based rendering inside Cinema 4D

V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D -- Advanced + 15-DR nodesV-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D Advanced + 15-DR nodes is seamlessly integrated and optimized for both CPUs and GPUs, using whatever an artist picks to deliver high-quality imagery and animation quickly, even when working with complex 3D scenes. V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D operates under the same 3.4 core technology that has made V-Ray an industry-standard in visual effects, broadcast and architectural design projects for nearly 20 years. With a vast lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit at their disposal, artists and designers have full control over the entire creative process, from real-time look development to the final frame.

Key Features and Benefits

V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools you need to create professional, photoreal imagery and animation.
Spend less time waiting and more time being creative. Deliver your best work and never miss a deadline, via CPU or GPU, local or via the network.
Built to handle your biggest projects and your toughest scenes. Render anything and everything with V-Ray.
Creative control
V-Ray puts you in the driver seat. You're in control. With V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' versatile features, you can choose the best approach for your scene.
Deep C4D integration
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' very deep C4d integration keeps your workflow fluid and smooth and combines best of both worlds [C4D & V-Ray].
An industry standard
Independent artists and top studios choose V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D every day to create world-class designs and visual effects.

Extensive Feature List

New V-RayforC4D 3.4 Core - Blazing fast CPU & GPU rendering speed
In V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D, all parts of the engine have been greatly speed up. The new extremely optimized CPU rendering brings V-Ray to speeds never seen before rendering, providing a feature full and powerful production tool set for high-quality, high-resolution images and animations with V-Ray. V-Ray provides 100% physical correct ray tracing methods. In addition V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D now also offers blazing fast GPU render options for previews and final frame rendering.
Simple usage - New full automatic sampling
Simplicity is one of the best new features. V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' new automated sampling with its variance based adaptive ray tracing technology offers a dramatic different way to work for artists in eliminating the need to set or tune any complex settings – just choose the GI engine type, the render time and start render. Subdivisions, technical render settings, all that is not needed any more in V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D. The new progressive rendering for CPU and GPU gives you an instant feedback on the render result.
Global illumination & accurate lights
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D uses physically-correct ray tracing methods to precisely calculate lights and reflected light ("GI") as we see it in reality . You can choose from several global illumination options – precise path tracing, approximate or a hybrid of both.
Physical layered BRDFS with new materials & shaders
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D offers a real world & multi layered BRDF for creating high end and physical correct materials. Due its real world layering setup it is automatic fully energy preservation correct. Special BRFD Material types gives you the all the tools and Artist can wish for.
Physical Cameras - VR ready - 360 degree stereo cameras
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' real world camera system let you work like a photographer, it offers all physical control and provides detailed depth of field and cinematic motion blur. The new VR 360 stereo camera types let you output to the newest VR technologies.
Unlimited UVs per shaders & triplanar mapping
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' new UV manager Tag brings UV channels to C4D. This allows you to use unlimited UVs per shader for comprehensive UV mapping control. The new Triplanar mapping feature enables an artist friendly workflow to proper map models which have no UV map at all.
Proxies & instancing with shader & material randomisation tools
Render massive scenes with proxy objects. V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D proxies efficiently replace complex scene geometry and load only at render time. Via random variation shaders and materials you can control variations in color and texture to the proxies or renderistances.
New sky modes, aerial perspecitve & faster volume rendering
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D offers several realistic skymodels for realistic lighting of outdoor and indoor scenes, including Hosek sky with athmospheric haze. The volume environment fog renders faster now and is also available on per material basis,to make clouds, fog, volume light, god rays etc.
Full MAXON Hair, Fur, Spline and Grass Render Support
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D fully supports Maxon Hair via real 3d geometry using V-Ray's memory efficient hair procedurals. The V-Ray Hair BRDF gives physical correct Hair shading. Effects like base color sampling, root tip color & transparency, are supported. Also included is V-RayFur and V-Ray FastFur.
New VFB Win & OSX - Lut Control, Denoiser & Lens Effects
The advanced VFB offers high level tools, like color correction, exposure, white balance, LUT support, History, V-Ray lens effects and the new V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D denoiser tool which can greatly speed up your renders. It is available on windows and OSX.
New V-Ray Clipper, Render Time Boolenas & and Render Mask
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D offers a realtime clipper which lets you cut any geometry, even proxies multiple times, making architectural section renderings of big buildings a breeze with it. It also has an option to use custom geometry for render time booleans. Each Vray BRDF has a raytraced rounding options for automatic edge chamfering, for enhanced realism.The new Render mask tool lets you mask out any portion of the render by various methods.
CPU & GPU Production Render and New IPR Preview Window
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D' famous production render options have been further enhanced in speed and features. Beside the very fast and powerful CPU production renderer, we offer now the option to use also GPU for production for the GPU supported features. In the new IPR window you can preview your scene in CPU or GPU mode. Also VFB lens effects and denoiser add GPU acceleration to your renders.
Physical DOF and Bokeh Lense Effects
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D offers high level physically correct Depth of Field. It can calculate the so-called Bokeh effects that takes the imperfections and shape of the lens into account. Simple to use, its intensity can be controlled by the the physical camera settings, just like in real life. The DOF and Bokeh Effect renders correctly behind refractions, glass, and even in reflections, giving you extreme realism in your scenes.
New Extended Render Elements, ID Passes and Light Select Feature
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D offers an extensive set of render elements and object/material id selection channels via its multipass feature for professional post production pipelines. It also supports now to have selected lights on separate layers, for changing color or intensity later on via post editing tools.
V-Ray DR & Full Unlimited C4D CMD-Line/Teamrendering
V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D is designed from the core to render on distributed systems. It offers native V-Ray Distributed rendering (DR) with free DR nodes included. DR supports CPU and GPU rendering and allows you also to render only on nodes, excluding the local machine. In addition we support MAXON Team/Cmd line render for stills and animations, with unlimited free nodes included.

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This Product is Also Known As

  • vRay for Cinema 4D with 15 Nodes

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of V-Ray 3.4 for Cinema 4D — Advanced + 15-DR nodes requires :
Cinema 4D Broadcast R20Cinema 4D Broadcast: The Industry Standard for Broadcast Professionals. Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast graphics quickly and easily.1,6951,61025Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Prime R20Cinema 4D Prime: The ideal choice for all graphic designers looking to add 3D to their toolset.99594525Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Studio R20Cinema 4D Studio: The fastest and easiest-to-use 3D animation solution. Includes all Prime, Broadcast, and Visualize features!3,6953,51025Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Visualize R20Cinema 4D Visualize: Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast graphics quickly and easily.2,2952,18025Add to Cart

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