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RhinoCFD: Apply Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to the CAD environment. Includes Parallel.
RhinoCFD + FLAIR -- 1-Year Term w/ Support (Site licence - Unlimited users)RhinoCFD + FLAIR 1-Year Term w/ Support (Site licence - Unlimited users) adds the power of computational fluid dynamics to the CAD environment, allowing users of Rhino3d to undertake interactive CFD investigation of their CAD models operating under multitude of flow conditions and all without leaving the Rhinoceros environment.
This product includes:
  • RhinoCFD interface & CFD Solver
  • Flair (built environment) module
  • Parallel processing
  • 12 months software maintenance services

Key Capabilities

  • Serial and parallel processing
  • PARSOL cut-cell geometry detection simplifying the mesh generation process
  • Numerous turbulence model options including RANS and LES
  • Post-processing inbuilt in Rhino including isosurfaces, surface contours, vectors and streamlines
  • Cartesian and Cylindrical Polar coordinate meshes
  • In-program and online help
  • Relational Data input without re-compiling
  • Automatic convergence control
  • Heat transfer between solids and fluids
  • Radiation modelling


  • Air flow patterns
  • Temperature distribution/stratification
  • Radiation
  • Humidity
  • Comfort Indices
  • Age of air / residence time
  • Air change effectiveness
  • Smoke layering and concentration
  • Visibility / line of sight
  • Pollutant spread and concentration
  • Effect of sprinkler and jet-fan fire-control methods
  • Solar Radiation and Wind Model
  • Vegetation model
  • HVAC
  • Thermal comfort
  • Fire and smoke hazards
  • Chemical release and dispersion of pollutants
  • Natural ventilation within buildings and wind flow around buildings.
  • Urban heat island
  • Pedestrian wind comfort analysis

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