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Cebas Visual TechnologyCebas Visual TechnologyVolumeBreaker 1.0VolumeBreaker 1.03D destruction plug-in for 3ds Max.BID-147-4835375.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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VolumeBreaker 1.0

VolumeBreaker 1.0

3D destruction plug-in for 3ds Max.

VolumeBreaker 1.0 is a movie quality 3D destruction tool capable of volumetric fracturing of virtually any 3D object. With volumeBreaker cebas brings to Hollywood a quality destruction tool to 3ds Max (2008-11).
This latest release offers more stability and an enhanced Explicit Surface Normal method, which literally "burns" the original face normals, right into the "broken" outer shell faces. Applying VolumeBreaker 1.0 to any mesh will no longer create broken smoothing on the outer shell surface. Considerable amount of research and development was accomplished to ensure the best possible compatibility with the 3ds Max specific tools; as not every 3ds Max mesh editing tool is able to properly handle explicit surface normals. Many tools in 3ds Max are not able to handle surface normals properly. This new feature introduced in VolumeBreaker 1.0 is a big step forward, allowing the user to create easier and more life like demolition effects.
VolumeBreaker 1.0 is a volumetric geometry fracturing tool that will instantly create sub-geometry within any mesh, geometry that perfectly fits together and fills the given volume.
VolumeBreaker 1.0 can be applied to virtually any mesh you can create in 3ds Max, including meshes that are 'lazy' and not a fully enclosed volume. VolumeBreaker 1.0 will attempt to compensate for any errors within the mesh, such as unwelded vertices and open edges. The sub-geometry created are individual elements within the parent mesh, accessible by applying an Edit Poly or Edit Mesh modifier on top of VolumeBreaker 1.0.
VolumeBreaker 1.0 comes with a full license to scalpelMax, a 3ds Max object modifier, offering advanced slicing functionality with many specialized features. scalpelMax is perfect for users who create complex CAD visualizations with polygon counts above 100,000, also the games and video effects artists will benefit from SclapelMAX because of its incredible texture slicing feature.

Key Features

  • Preservation of mapping coordinates: All of the original mesh's UVW mapping coordinates are preserved and the newly created interior geometry can be assigned a separate material ID and mapping as well.
  • Preserves nested and hollow geometry: VolumeBreaker 1.0 will recognize if a mesh has interior space and will preserve those 'holes'.
  • Bricks: VolumeBreaker 1.0 will not only break your geometry into irregular shaped fragments but can also fragment it into a regular brick pattern. Perfect for instant brick walls.
  • Clumping: VolumeBreaker 1.0 can 'clump' the generated cells together, creating even more variation in size and shape for your fragments.
  • 100% Multi-threaded: VolumeBreaker 1.0 will use all of the available processing power of your PC and scales with the number of processors in your system; twice the number of processors will allow VolumeBreaker 1.0 to perform twice as fast.
  • Works on 2D surfaces: The VolumeBreaker 1.0 modifier may also be applied to 2D planes/surfaces as well, this is useful for simulating thin sheets of glass for example.
  • VolumeBreaker 1.0 was developed in consultation with, and to meet the very exacting demands of, VFX artists working on multi-million dollar movies – because of this VolumeBreaker 1.0 truly is a production proven tool.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VolumeBreaker 1.0 requires |3ds Max 2015|3ds Max 2014|3ds Max 2013|3ds Max Design 2015|3ds Max Design 2014|3ds Max Design 2013.
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