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Make advanced slices in designs with this 3ds Max plug-in!

ScalpelMAX is a 3ds Max object modifier, offering advanced slicing functionality with many specialized features. ScalpelMAX is perfect for users who create complex CAD visualizations with polygon counts above 100.000. Also, games and video effects people will love ScalpelMAX because of its incredible texture slicing feature. Mapping coordinates won't be affected by ScalpelMAX operations and this makes it possible to cut down any geometry without losing the materials and mappings! ScalpelMAX can handle much higher polygon counts in realtime than the standard slice feature. ScalpelMAX also uses less memory to process the slice operation and this makes it also much faster than the built in feature. Another feature is it´s very high accuracy! ScalpelMAX won't fail doing the cut operation while the standard feature gives up and creates unusable "data rubbish". Everybody who has ever used the standard Slice function for complex tasks, knows what that means. The standard Slice often is not able to do the job accordingly, Scalpel is able to do it because it simply calculates more accurately and efficiently.

Main Features

  • 3ds Max 32 and 64bit compatible plug-in
  • Engineering quality Realtime Slicing of any 3D Object
  • Optimized Memory usage
  • Advanced Texture Cut Correction (TCC), keeps mapping coordinates
  • Auto-Slice feature (lets you create thousands of slices in one go)
  • Automatic Spline Generator (used for NURBS Surface Reconstruction)
  • Full Material ID Slice-Plane control (Top, Bottom, Remaining)
  • Automatic cut Object Face selection (remainder, cut-away)
  • Independent Slice-Plane UV-mapping control
  • Special "Best Guess" Cap Feature to create Solid Objects
  • Hierarchy Mesh Analyzer built in, detects holes in solid objects

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