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finalRender 2.0 for Maya
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Cebas Visual TechnologyCebas Visual TechnologyfinalRender 2.0 for MayafinalRender 2.0 for MayaRendering plug-in for Maya! Includes five render farm licenses!BID-147-4829895.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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finalRender 2.0 for Maya

finalRender 2.0 for Maya

Rendering plug-in for Maya! Includes five render farm licenses!

finalRender 2.0 for Maya represents the latest in raytracing and rendering technology. It is a flexible and programmable raytracing system that can easily be integrated into the workflow of both small and large studios.
Large production houses will love the flexibility and tight integration with Maya, along with the many programming options finalRender 2.0 for Maya has to offer. ShaderGrind, for example, is Cebas' latest approach to shader programming which is accessible from inside the Maya user interface.
Besides the many Maya features, finalRender 2.0 for Maya is a platform independent rendering solution that will work perfectly in a mixed environment where Maya and CINEMA 4D are used. Only one rendering system for both platforms will be needed! finalRender 2.0 for Maya will render the exact same output for Maya as it will for CINEMA 4D - 95% of the render settings are identical and can be easily re-used or transferred.

Key Features

  • Full Support for Maya
  • 32-Bit Support
  • 64-Bit Support (Windows x64)
  • Full Maya stereo camera rendering support
  • Enhanced multi-core support for even faster translation times
  • Updated licensing model: max 32 cores per license (16 local + 16 remote)
  • Real-world physical camera exposure model
  • Supported polygons, redertime subdiv, NURBS, Maya hierarchical subdivs without exceptions
  • Dedicated, ready-to-render finalRender material
  • Particles, including support of per-particle data (even on particle-instanced geometry)
  • Advanced Texture Baking
  • Many custom shaders, including shadeGrind with which to develop your own
  • Ultra Fast Flicker Free GI
  • Maya Shading Network Support
  • finalRender Stage-2 Shader SDK (optional)
  • True Distributed Network Rendering
  • High Resolution Bitmap Rendering 20k and bigger
  • Support for image file formats including OpenEXR, RPF and RLA
  • Photometric Light Support
  • True Area Shadow Support
  • Real Area Light Support
  • Network Rendering Supported
  • Particle Rendering
  • Fast 3d motion blur
  • Advanced Caustic Rendering Effects
  • Highly Optimized Skin Shader Included
  • Special Multi-Million Polygon Rendering Mode
  • Automatic and Scene dependent Raytracing Optimization
  • Multiple Real World Cameras to Choose from
  • True Micro Triangle Displacement Support
  • Advanced and Fast NURBS Tessellation
  • Efficient geometry instancing
  • Native support for ReelSmart Motionblur (2D)
  • Sub Division Surfaces at Render time
Now includes five render farm licenses!

Licensing Info

finalRender 2.0 for Maya has the same base price for all platforms. So, it doesn't matter whether you buy it for Maya, CINEMA 4D or any other platform that might show up in the near future.
A Renderfarm license is meant for full frame network rendering (max. 16 local Cores + 16 Remote) and for adding extra Distributed Network Rendering CPU's. Each Renderfarm license includes the latest translators for the supported platforms. Every Renderfarm translator (RF-Translator) is meant to be used for network rendering only and will not work in interactive mode.

This Product is Also Known As

  • finalRender Stage-2 for Maya

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of finalRender 2.0 for Maya requires :
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